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Driveway Gate

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  • Driveway Gate

    I have done a fair amount of deck railing, pickets, etc. I have a customer that wants a single 10.5 foot swinging gate about 5 ft high. I have never made a gate of this size. there a common rule as far as vertical
    picket spacing? Also what is suggested for horizontal main rails to prevent sagging. I have no idea what it will weigh yet..........any ideas on the main ground post size and thickness and how deep. I'm thinking 4" sq x 1/4 " wall and at least 3 feet deep in concrete so it will not bend and sag. It will be ornamental somewhat but I dont know how much yet. I know this seems vague but is there a rule of thumb? I really don't want to put in diagonal
    bracing because of appearance. All ideas welcome. If I have to use a diagonal brace, it has to blend in............Nick...............Thanks

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    Swing gate

    Monte, I don't know about your local zoning, but here in my neck of the woods you need 4" spacing on all pickets, whether it be fence, railings. gates etc... so that young children and small animals can not become wedged in the fencing. It also has to be a minimum 4" from the ground as well. As far as the gate itself, you don't mention your preference of materials so it's kinda difficult to make further suggestions, give us a little more info on the style and design. Dave


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      Monte, have you tried Kings Architectural Metal. They have railing pieces and many ornamental pieces you can put between your vertical supports, without worrying about adding diagonal supports.

      What Dabar said about the spacing between the rails, I think that is a standard ruling in industry and building codes. They use it a lot for railings with a maximum of 8 inches so a child cannot fall through but with a gate Im sure the 8 inch rule doesnt apply. I would still use the 4 inch rule or check with the local codes office.


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        monte, i just fab'd and hung a gate like what you are talking about maybe four months ago. what i did is made the gate out of 1 inch square tube 11ga. wall. for the main post, i used 3x3 square tube at 1/4 inch thick. i set it three feet deep in a 2x2 hole, and concreted it in. the 3x3 is only 40 inches tall. oh, i almost forgot, i welded 12 inch by 12 inch plate to the bottom 1/2 inch thick. i then sank a 2x2 11ga. wall square tube into it and concreted it in to the 3x3. i made the 2x2 as tall as the gate and made a couple of beads on the opposite side of the gate on the tubing to make it draw a little against the weight. you can grind these welds smooth after installation. i hung the gate high bubble towards the end and welded the hinges. i did the same 3x3 concreted tubing at the open and closed position of the gate and welded a small ledge for the gate to "sit on" open or closed to keep from sag. here are some pics. the gate is 7 ft tall at the peak and 12 ft 6 inches long. the center bars are 4 inches apart. the gate wighed in at a little under 600 pounds. he bought materials and after materials i charged 750 dollars for it, installed. hope this helps.
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          Gate Or Bust

          How You Doing

          I Work For A Shop That Is In San Diego And We Do Stairs, Hand Rail ,gates ,and Some Structrul Steel I Have Been With Them For 20yr

          We Have Put Up A Lot Of Gates And Some Role And Others Swing

          There Are Codes For Gates And If The Gate Is At A Fall Point "like At The Top Of A Stair " It Need To Be 3 Foot 6 Inchs And There Can Not Be Any Opening Over 4 Inchs "

          Now If The Gate Is At The Drive Way And There Is No Fall Hazard And You Do Not Have A Pool In Your Front Yard The Gate Can Be What Ever You Whant There Is No Codes On That

          But If You Have A Pool The Gate Has To Be 5 Feet Tall And No Opening Grater Than 4 Inchs And Code Say All The Way Aruond The Pool With Gard Rail 5 Feet Tall

          Now On The Gate You Put A Good Set Of Hinges That Hold Twice The Weight Of The Gate

          And Then The Post You Hang The Gate On Should Be At Lest 1/4 Inch Wall Or 3/8 Wall "THE POST SHOULD BE TWICE THE SIZE OF THE GATE FRAME "And 3 Feet In The Ground That Will Hold A Half Ton Of Iron

          The Other Post That The Gate Will Close On Should Be The Same If You Us Smaller On The Closing Post It Mite Bend From All The Slaming Of A Hevay Gate

          If You Do All That You Can Put A Big Or Small Gate And It Will Not Sag Down

          We Did Some Gates At Petco Park And If You Have Ever Seen Pic From There You Will See That Some Of Them Are 30 Feet Long And 10 Feet Tall And The Weight Of Them Is 2.5 Tons Each And There Is A Lot Of Them Aruond The Park "we Set Them With A Crane "

          Gooo Luck On Your Gate
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            That's kind of what I was thinking but I've never made and hung a long gate so I was guessing. These are my thoughts. Make the basic frame from 1 x 2" and possibly 1/8 -3/16" wall. Below the top piece approx 6" will be a 3rd horz
            piece. I plan to put circles in that space all the way across. Then maybe
            3/4 sq tubing for verticals. I realize I'll probably have to reinforce where the hinges are mounted to the gate or it may rip out. I'm thinking of using the
            farm gate type hinge with the threaded rod for adjustment. Also, do I plumb the post or lean it slightly away from the gate. I'll probably use 4" sq x 1/4 wall for posts at least on the hinge side . I only want to do it once. I'm not sure of the design yet and neither is the woman who wants the gate. She e mailed me a pos drawing that looks
            like a first grader did it.
            Any input you have on my material sizes etc will be appreciated. Oh yeah, she also thought this gate could be hung on her old wood post. Yeah,sure.
            Thanks for the reply and info.
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              driveway gate

              here's my one and only (so far) driveway gate-it is 12 feet wide and 7 feet tall. i made it for an glass artist for her california home on mulholland drive. she has a bird and collects giraffe's (?) hence those design elements. i did not install; her contractor did it and those are HIS crappy welds.
              the first pic is the gate laying on my driveway and the second is installed. cat


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                cat, did we forget to attach pics? either that or they are so small I can't see them, could you maybe get a telephoto lens for your camera? Dave
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                  forgot pics

                  actually they were too large and weren't accepted so i am trying to reduce. let's see if it worked. cat
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                    WOW!! That gate is TOO cool!!!!!!
                    thanks for the pics


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                      Here's a 10" privacy gate I built for a customer -
                      This one's pretty simple but you can see the possibiliteis


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                        re gate

                        hey monte,when i hang these types of gates i always go heavier with the posts as they support the weight ,As for the post make them plumb and hang your gate on the top hinge and leave your bottom hinge off until you level the gate then add shims if required and then tack and finish weld it.I put a couple pics in so you could look and if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line ,hope that helped ...
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                          King Architectural has all kinds of gate stuff. Arch tops, punched channel for setting pickets (saves tremendous amounts of time), complete kits I think, pickets with welded spear points, another time saver, lot's of different hinges. Just about anything you could want and lot's of stuff I can't get here locally. Their prices on 1/2 pickets with welded spear points can't be beat. I try to use a double post setup for the swing side down here and actually recommend double gates as opposed to 10+ feet. I am in New Orleans and the ground down here leaves a lot to be desired. It's a giant sponge. I always use at least a 3" square 1/4 wall tube or 4 inch depending on the gate size. I also use 3" schedule 40 pipe. Both with 3 feet in the ground concreted in. Now if they are mounted to columns it is a totally different story. On a 5 or 6 foot gate I put at least one horizontal crosspiece, sometimes two or three if I can get the property owner to go for it. I try to avoid the cross brace if I can. Once you build the frame, put the cross piece in and weld the pickets in it is pretty rigid. I usually build them about a half inch out of square to the top corner of the unsupported side and use adjustable hinges (they will always droop after a while). If I use a crosspiece I run it from the bottom corner on the post side to the top corner on the unsupported side. It is self loading and built in compression. I like 1 x 2 because of the looks, but go with what the customer wants and how it fits in with other fencing, decorative iron, etc.


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