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New ironworker and brake!

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  • New ironworker and brake!

    I have been thinking (drooling actually) about the Metalpro for my small one-man shop but could not justify the expense until a job came in recently that I could not do without this machine. IT IS FANTASTIC! Best purchase I have made since my first Miller. This is a factory-reconditioned demo that I got from the manufaturer for $3100 + shipping. (For stats on this machine, go to

    That was the good news. The bad news was they wanted nearly $600 for a brake that would handle 8" X 1/4". So I figured I could make my own. As usual, it took a few hours of trial and error, but I finally got it.

    The 1st picture shows the machine, the 2nd shows the multi-purpose shear it comes with, the 3rd shows the brake I made and then a picture of the brake in the machine.

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    Nice machine and nice job on the brake...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      Do you have some plans that you can post, or e-mail, for the brake?
      I want something similar for my 12 ton press.
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        I don't have any plans as such-pretty much made it up as I went. But I will take some more detailed pictures and give the diminsions of the material.

        And thanks, Bob.


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          Very cool dude! I had access to a huge ironworker at my last job, and man are they handy. Hopefully I'll be able to get one like yours in the near future.

          Blog at


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            What kind of job did you get that you couldn't do without the ironworker? Any pics?
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              great job on the brake. it looked so good I had to do a double take 'cause i thought it was the factory one.
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                Originally posted by MMW View Post
                What kind of job did you get that you couldn't do without the ironworker? Any pics?
                Glad you asked. I was juut getting ready to post a pic.

                The verticles are 1/2" square stock and the horizontals are 3/8" X 1 1/2" flat. The designer wanted the verticals to be continuous through the horizontals. Theoretically, I could have drilled oversized round holes and filled with weld, but that was not what the designer wanted. And besides, why would I want a reason to not get this machine?

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                  The bad thing about your Iron Worker is now that you have one youll never be able to work without one again.

                  Dont be cheap, as soon as you can afford the punch dies get all of them.

                  Theres no sense in having an Iron Worker if you still have to drill holes because you dont have the right die.

                  I picked up my 40 Ton Scotchman Iron Worker up for about $ 2600.00 without any punch dies back in about 1995, It was pretty much brand new. An old guy bought it never used it and his son sold it to me all the tables still had the original paint on them.

                  Its been a great machine. The iron worker is the most valueable tool besides my welder.