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My welding table!

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  • My welding table!

    Started on it yesterday night, finished it up this afternoon.

    1.5" square tube...just short of 40 feet in there. 1/4" plate for the top.

    5'x3' surface...right around 41" tall. Doesnt wobble, as stable as it can be. More to come, but this is what it looks like in all its table-y fashion.

    More pictures to come! I have a couple things I havent done yet, mostly because I ran out of daylight.

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    No overhang for clamps?


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      Originally posted by ligito View Post
      No overhang for clamps?

      That was the first thing I thought of too....

      But nice looking welds you are on the right track, keep up the good job!



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        with only 1.5" tube & 1/4" plate, clamps will fit easily over it. Table looks nice. Maybe add a couple of bars underneath to hang stuff like clamps, etc.


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          While I was building it, I thought of modifying the design so that I could use regular (7R...10R...etc) vise grips to clamp on the edge, but I dont really like those as much. I much prefer the toggle style clamps, and they reach deeper anyway. I have yet to mount some casters to one side, so I can push it wheel barrow style, but now its pretty much complete.

          I finished up some stuff, welded a piece of angle iron on to clamp visegrips to, made and then welded a couple hooks, for my faceshield, jacket, welding helmet, ear muffs, and my extension cord.

          Only a couple things left! Mount my welder to the table somehow, I havent decided how im going to do that just yet, but I have a plan. Also going to do the caster thing, its a heavy beast. Then just make some gun/ground hooks to hold those for me.

          A couple more pictures, with all that stuff done. I forgot, also mounted a 4.5" wilton vise to one corner of it. Feel free to throw ideas/comments at me!


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            Nice table. I would suggest to put a couple of braces under the 1/4" top plate. Weight and welding on it can warp it some.


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              With only a 5 x 3 surface, space is at a premium, even my 4 x 8 leaves me wanting more room sometimes. I used to have my bench grinder and vice mounted to the table top, but since have welded some 2 1/2" square tube along the bottom of the table in different spots and mounted my grinder and vice to some plates welded to 2" tube. Now I've got more room on the table and can move the accessories to meet my needs. What's nice about having the vice mounted that way is you can rotate it 90 degrees and clamp something straight up/down without the neck of the vice in the way.

              BTW nice work!


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                Thanks NCG!

                I dont have a whole lot of room right now...and most of the parts I plan on making, will probably fit on that table. If I had the room, I would have definitely gone 4x8, but seeing as this is in my rather crowded (Im sure you have noticed piles of stuff) just didnt seem feasible.

                The vise is held on with 4 bolts, and is fairly easily removed if I needed that corner as well, I wish I had the money for a wonderful rotating vise...but that was also not to least not yet. I do plan on making a side mount plate for it, so that I can mount material vertically as well, If I needed to.

                I also plan on putting a brace through the center of it, along the 3' direction, but the table really doesnt flex a whole lot. I know it will move as time goes on, what with grinding, and welding on it, but I expect that to happen. Thats why I went with 1/4" instead of 1/8". The last fabrication shop I worked at had 2 tables 4x10 with a 1" top...those things were beastly...but I dont have a forklift to move something like that...or the wallet to pay for it.

                Thanks guys!


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                  looks great.
                  one of the great things about having a welder is you can add, remove or change as the need arises.
                  enjoy it and never fear, it can change as needed when needed.


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                    Moveable grinder/vise

                    Even if your projects are small and your space is limited that may be all the more reason to mount your vise and grinder on a 2" square tube like a hitch socket. I did it with my smaller table and it is really convenient. It allows me to mount a vise, pipe vise, grinder and all kinds of attachments like bending fixtures to the bench and then remove them when they are not needed.

                    Like someone said part of the cool part of having tools is you can always modify your projects as you want. This may just be something you might want to consider as you develop this bench. I do agree that a couple supports under the top could save it from warping under heat/use. I used 3/8" on mine and still put a total of three (one centered and one centered in each half) on mine just to make sure I had a solid surface to weld up frames and things on.

                    Can't cut this off without saying that your welds look fantastic, nice work man! Keep up the good work and don't hide all the welds under the table!


                    • #11
                      Thanks for the compliments guys, I promise I wont hide all my welds under the these next pictures!

                      I added some wheels onto it this weekend after my half day, and just tested them about an hour and a half ago, works really nicely.


                      I wish the welds from the caster piece to the 10 gauge were a little nicer...but my helmet seems to be getting darker, and its hard to see a whole lot when im actually welding. Fortunately for me, my Optrel Satelite will be here tuesday, and I'll be able to use it from then on.

                      I also wish the welds on the table leg were slightly straighter, but since I already had the table on the legs, I didnt want to flip it back over, and welded it while it was propped up off the floor while laying on my side. Out of position is nothing new...but out of position and unable to see is not a good combination. I know its not going anywhere though, and thats the important thing.

                      Again, thanks for all the nice words and compliments!



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