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Miller Radiator 1 Finally Added to Cart

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  • Miller Radiator 1 Finally Added to Cart

    Well, I finally got the Miller Radiator 1 and the water-cooled torch in today.
    Those put the finishing touches on my cart.

    And other pics have been posted before, but can be seen here:

    I haven't had a chance to use the water-cooled setup yet, but will give it a shot this weekend if I can get a few minutes......
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    Very cool setup, everything right where you need it. BTW, what size tank is that ... looks to be about a 150CF ... I went to get a new 80CF argon for the MM210 the other day and the price had gone from $145 to $185, didn't get it yet, I need to get over inflation shock first I guess. Anyways, thats a nice setup ... hope you get to use it this weekend.


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      Hey Larry,

      That new cooler looks great. Didn't know the thing was brand new.
      This is my only formal warning I'll give you. Next time I'm over at your place I WILL try to steal it.

      Get that weld table finish so I can come over and play.



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        Appreciate the comments....

        Hi George,
        There are two or three tanks there in those pics.... I assume you're asking about the green one on the cart. That one on the TIG cart is an 80cf I had purchased from IOC.
        They show it for oxygen, but you can call and request that the proper valve for argon be put on it at no extra charge. I think it was around $144....
        The big one standing by itself is a leased 335cf tank of argon....
        On the MM210 cart, there is another leased 335cf bottle as well as a 110cf bottle of C-25 that I own.

        Good morning, Tom....
        Well my friend, I've been slowly working my way towards the ain't been because I'm lazy.... I had to do a brake job on the old '85 Ramcharger, service the JD tractor and Snapper for Brenda so she can cut the grass and fields around here while I weld.... ..... And I've been trying to get some more done on that little red car so I can drive it. Plus, I need to move some stuff around in preparation for that new square column mill that will be arriving here in a 2-3 weeks.
        But I promise to get the table at least far enough along that we can get back together and play with some of this stuff.......
        Yes, that Radiator 1 was brand spankin' new in the box....never been used. I picked it up for around $170. I had Tom Minkler out at Quimby's set me up with the proper connectors, hoses etc. for the TA-185 as well a new water-cooled torch for a pretty reasonable price. I also picked up a a slider amp control for the torch handle. I ended up with a pile of parts and not too many instructions to go by, but I figured it out.....I think.
        I'll find out this weekend. It says not to use automotive anti-freeze in it, but I think I'm gonna put some distilled water in it with just a tad of anti-freeze and give it a try.
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          Your cart looks great. Can you tell me where you aquired the storage tube for the filler rod please? Thanks, Jay.


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            Originally posted by JayB
            Your cart looks great. Can you tell me where you aquired the storage tube for the filler rod please? Thanks, Jay.
            Hi Jay,
            Appreciate your comments.....I notice you've only posted 2-3 times.
            Welcome to the forum....
            I have several of those....they can be had from almost any welding supply house. I think I've gotten a couple from IOC, a couple from Quimby's and I may even picked up one or two here locally.


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