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OT Hawk question

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  • OT Hawk question

    I have lived in my present residence for 20 years and have seen a lot of hawks around. I have (to me) a very large nest in a tall tree. I believe the hawks to be Red Tail. I'm curious about their habits. Do both male and female
    share nest time? Does one or both hunt for food for their young? I haven't
    seen the young yet but I think the eggs have hatched. How many young do they normally have? They are a beautiful sight and I will be getting video of them as things progress. Any info will be great.

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      Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
      Thanks for the link. I forgot to say that BlueJays constantly dive and hit the hawks on their backs in the nest and the hawks brush it off. Very exciting to
      experience. I am always amazed by nature.


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        Originally posted by reggie
        I'd get a chainsaw...electric,and plug it in to a MILLER engine drive[make dosen't matter],put on a MILLER elite hood on grind shade[keep sawdust out of eyes],mark the base of that tree with a piece of soapstone and buck er off before those birds fly away with one of your chows...least now this thread is welder related....
        I would get that fancy pellet gun I saw here a few days ago and shoot the hawk. Seem I like to see things die for sport!!!



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          Glad to hear you have some hawk activity in your area. About 10 years ago hawks were a rare sighting around here, but for about the past 5 years they have been making an amazing come back. I have never seen the little ones flying or otherwise. In our area we mostly see the red tail variety. There are some other types but I do not know what species they are. I could watch them flying around for hours.

          Nick did state that the post was off topic, so I don't know why some of you act like you have a bee in your bonnet.............GROW UP!!!


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            We have red tails here, seems alot more every year.

            The darn things kill off all of the young rabbits. Haven't had a good harvest in a long time.


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              what the he11 does this post have to do with welding?


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                They're getting to be a nusance here. They've done a real number on the rabbit population, along with the pheasant and quail population. Too bad they're federally protected, and one HECK of a fine if they find out you shot one. There's also an assortment of falcons and smaller sparrow hawks around here. Even a couple of Bald Eagles. And WAYY too many vultures.


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                  Well Monte,

                  If you hurry up and get that personal helo finished, you can "buzz on up" and feed the young while they're still in the nest.


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                    Originally posted by SundownIII View Post
                    what the he11 does this post have to do with welding?
                    Are you talking about the last post or the thread? I started the thread never
                    indicating it was welding OT Hawk Question. I figured since there is so many on this forum that are close to nature, I might get an answer to a couple of questions...
                    Last edited by monte55; 05-16-2009, 11:16 AM.


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                      Must everyone get their panties in such a ruffle ? Maybe Monte should have said the Blue Jays flew over his welder before flying up and attacking the backs of the hawks.

                      I see it as him asking serious questions about hawks. Now correct me if I'm wrong but didn't most of you post something in the past couple years that were unrelated to welding, myself included ?

                      Along with Monte and I'm sure there are others on the board, I myself enjoy watching animals, especially the Eagle cam in Virginia. A lot can be learned from watching animals. After all, thats where some of our technology came from.


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                        We have had a red tailed hawk nest in our back yard for 6-7 years. I will try to answer some of your questions to the best of my limited knowledge.
                        The male and female will both sit on the nest. Primarily the female does while the male brings her food.
                        They both will hunt but again primarily the male. By the way the females are usually the larger of the two.
                        The ones in our yard seem to have up to 3 young. Usually there are 2, but some years there are 3.
                        It is interesting to see the young learn to fly. They will land on branches that are too small, which will break and result in a great commotion. Somehow they seem to make it in the end.
                        For what it is worth, the same pair usually nest year after year so you may have many more opportunities to video them. In our area I have seen owls take over hawk nests. I think owls like the Great Horned Owl donít build their own nests so look to take over the work of others. The owls seem to arrive in our area a little before the hawks; maybe for this reason. Good luck with your video.
                        Oh, I do a lot of welding 150 feet from their nest and it does not seem to bother them.


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                          Thanks for the reply. That is good info for me. Today I was watching the nest with one in the nest and then the other flew in and lit on the edge of the nest and their heads were very close as if in an intimate greeting.. After a while one left. After being annoyed by a dive bombing Blue Jay the other
                          took off screeching in flight. I do have video of this. I'll need to edit and post.
                          Thanks again
                          Do you think the hawks may pick the same spot next year?
                          Last edited by monte55; 05-16-2009, 06:57 PM.


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                            Yes, they use the same nest year after year. They just refurbish it. I must say we have many Blue Jays here, but they don't seem to bother these hawks, at least not that I have seen. The nest is way up in a Cherry tree so I don't know if that makes a difference or not. I have seen Great Horned Owls here mobbed by Blue Jays along with many other smaller birds though.


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                              "A lot can be learned from watching animals. After all, thats where some of our technology came from."

                              I think that's where some of us came from, too(the animals).


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