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made some more scrap yesterday

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  • made some more scrap yesterday

    I like aluminum air rifle stocks made of 1/2" square al tubing and plywood. It's lightweight and suits me for squirrel hunting.

    Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson about making welds that do not require grinding. in the future I'll focus intently on producing welds that do not require cleanup.

    The joinery is done with a 1/2" straight cut router bit on my Harbor Freight router. The mecahnical fit was great and all was square but I trashed the project because of poor welds and further weakening the base material through grinding. These joints have potential but need a better weldor to make it happen. Next time, when I get over wasting materials.

    Here's what the prototype/first good effort produced. Yes, there's a conspicuous absence of close-up weld pictures.

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    If you need all that paraphernalia for shooting squirrels, you need to practice being a better shot.

    Talk about an "overengineered mousetrap". That thing wouldn't last half a day in the "field".

    Always nice to see where someone's "distractors" are coming from. Good to know that there's a "squirrel shooting", windsurfer out there that finds so much fault with my postings.


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      LMAO too. You're an a-hole and confirmed it yet again.

      Thank You


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        But at least I'm not a squirrel shooting, windfairy, who knows absolutlely nothing about welding or metal fabrication.

        You'd rather spend your time nitpicking my posts than learning how to weld.

        If I didn't know better, I'd swear Rube Goldburg designed that thing you posted photos of.


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          and then

          this goes on and on


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            Theres a rifle on the blue for sale post that would eliminate your need for that you eat the squirrels ?...if so you could buy a lot of beef for what that scope cost...are squirrels that big of a problem in your area that this much time has to be invested in eraidicating them...what do you have cobbled up for big game...''you'll shoot yourself in the eye''


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              There is a company making small weapons for small game to SHOOT BACK.
              Let's see how brave the great hunters handle this. Killing game for survival etc is one thing but for sport deserves a big "YOU SUCK".


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                The squirel are California Ground and Fox Squirrel. The landowners I shoot for don't want them digging holes in their (for profit) orchards. The pigeon, at least the 100 or so I have shot, crap all over equipment in dairies and nurseries.

                Before you get high and mighty think of those trying to make a living.


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                  Hey, Monte!!!! This is what I use for squirrels,,,, I think it's more efficient, plus it kills while I'm just lounging around, or sleeping, or such Also, since I hate seeing poor creatures dying, this way I don't actually have to see them suffer and die

                  !!!!!!!!!??????? Oh, forgot ...... I have bug poison, too .... Lorsban, pyretherins, Sevin, probably a few other good ones I forgot about .... finally ran out of DDT a few years ago .. good stuff ..... Is it OK to kill bugs???? or do bugs have feelings too?????
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                    Nick, you may be on the wrong side of this here. No, really, OK, just hear me out. You have a golden opportunity here to potentially make some serious cash.

                    Ok, here's what you do. first, register at as many hunting websites as you can find. I'm sure there are a lot of guys who could provide links for you here. Next, make a post about how hunters could name each animal they kill for sport. You could really play it up here and have them get creative with the names. You know, like ones that reflected where they were killed or what they were doing when they were killed, and stuff like that.

                    Then, you could get in contact with all of the animal rights organizations to sponsor you, for a profit of course, to make your plaques with all these names of the animals who have been killed. I think you could really play this up and tug at the heartstrings of all these poor folks and I bet they would send you all the cash you could ever imagine.

                    Now, the only thing left to do would be to secure a place to display all your named plaquards. I would think that you should also be able to secure funding, from the animal rights organizations, to get a few acres to begin displaying all the beautiful, sensitive, work you will be producing.

                    Let me know if you need any consulting on the project.


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                      Originally posted by monte55 View Post
                      ...Killing game for survival etc is one thing....
                      What about a planned hunting trip instead of a trip to Costco?


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                        Don't forget, you can also charge admission for all the busload tours that will be coming by to see this very emotional monument of sensitivity

                        !!!!!! KB !!!!!!??????? But what about all the critters that are killed by coyotes, dogs, mountain lions, and other various predators????? Don't those critters deserve a plaque, too??????


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                          Originally posted by JSFAB View Post
                          !!!!!! KB !!!!!!??????? But what about all the critters that are killed by coyotes, dogs, mountain lions, and other various predators????? Don't those critters deserve a plaque, too??????

                          Dude!!! I was saving that idea for my potential consulting gig on the project.


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                            Sounds like our windfairy squirrel slayer has found himself a target rich environment. Squirrels and pigeons beware.

                            Haven't figured out whether he intended to mount a barrel on that contraption he "designed", or if he just lays it out in the field to confuse the squirrels while he pops them.

                            Does each squirrel get a notch on the stock? Does a pigeon get a notch or a half notch?


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                              I have always been curious . . .

                              I have always been curious as to how many people that have a served in the military IN A COMBAT ZONE enjoy killing anything purely for sport . . . .beyond the enemy of course . . . .

                              My suspicion is the number would be quite low . . .



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