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What do you guys think of this weld

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  • What do you guys think of this weld

    This is 10 in sch 40 pipe welded in th 5g position
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    From what I can see it doesn't look bad. I know welding to a pipe that has such an oxidized surface can be difficult. Try to look really close at the toes on the rusted pipe and see if you can find any underfill. It might look like undercut. In this situation as an inspector that is the place I would focus on. You know inspectors- something has to be wrong and I need to find it.

    All in all it looks good from the picture.


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      Thanks any imput oe tips are much apreciated. Not a pipe welder so anything helps


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        Oh c'mon! Your not a pipewelder? That looks like a weld at the test centre. Buddy you got it down gooood and don't change a thing. Bob


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          I can't tell you how many times I took someone to the hospital for broken bones. When we called it in on the way, (and when I'd write the run report) it was called a PSD for (Painful, Swollen, Deformed) extremity. We did not call them broken bones, even though we of all people were probably the best experts on the subject. You know why? Simple. Because we didn't carry an x-ray machine with us! So no matter how normal or how nasty it looked, unless we saw the bone poking through the skin, we could not definitively say whether it was broken or not.

          Pipe welds are very similar. There are a lot of things you can see on the surface, but that's as deep as your eye will ever go. You'll never see the fusion of that root by looking at the cap. You'll never see slag inclusions. The last pass is the easiest thing to make look good. And its the only part you can see.

          With that in mind, I can say the last pass looks pretty good, but I would have liked to have seen just a little buffer of smooth ground metal on the rusted pipe. But telling a sound weld from sight is like telling a broken bone inside a leather jacket.

          The jacket looks nice.


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            bodybagger, so your kinda like a pipe paramedic. Thats cool. But I see what your saying and agree with you. Guess I might be judging this book by it's cover. Still, it's a pretty cap and in 5G, so I gotta give the guy credit.


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              The cap looks good, but can't tell which position the photo is from. Doesn't look like the top or bottom. How does the tie in at the top look? And of course, what about the bottom; You know what they say: "If you want the bottom to look like the top, Fu@k up the top!"


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                the photo is from the bottom going up the side. I dont have a picture of the root but got one of the hot pass i will put it up in the am. Just looking for any advice. wanted some profesionals opinions so keep em coming.Thanks


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                  7018 for the cap?
                  What did you use for the root and hot pass?


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                    6010 root, 7018 fill and cap most likely.

                    Cap looks good, Ive been practicing on 6" sch80. I'm finished my last training period for my Journeyman at the end of June. Planning on going for my initial B shortly after.
                    Last edited by Icarus; 05-07-2009, 05:12 PM.


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                      Originally posted by Icarus View Post
                      6010 root, 7018 fill and cap most likely.
                      Could easily be ER-70S2 or S6 couldn’t it?


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                        6010 that's what some of those pipe liners use for the root ( Gas and oil lines) . In the plants we use tig roots for most pipe. So yes ER-70 or ER-80
                        for A-106 pipe


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