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    Originally posted by Steve View Post
    tanks and welder are too small for me. I only use the big tanks. Air comp is sweet. Need 300 + amps for welder so big 40 is it. Eye appeal is excellent and looks good. To many decals however. I not into protection of the general public who lack common sense. I do however like shiny so this fits the bill.

    The welder is too small for me as well, but I got the biggest and best I could afford at this point.

    In my opinion, between the TB 302 and Big 40, there isn't a welder worth the price increase. I have a Big 40 with the Cat diesel on my truck at work and love it. If I could've swung the 11k for a Big 40, I'd have one for my own use.....maybe down the road.

    As far as tanks go, after 2 hernia operations and other unpleasant "issues" in the past 4 years, I'll stick with the smaller tanks. My trailer sits way off the ground, and I'm not gonna lift a 300+ cubic foot tank that high by myself. Ten years ago, yes. After what I've been through lately, no way.

    The decals were required by the head of safety where I work, and work side jobs indepentantly. I have no say really. Besides, in a world that sues at the drop of a hat, it makes sense to protect yourself to the best of your ability within reason. I also have a yellow warning beacon I must display and use when in areas on base that are populated with personnel. I also am forced to deal with portable weld screens, which is a huge PITA. But the money is great, so I really can't complain.

    Welding rigs are highly personal and set up really for the owners needs and preferances. What works for one, likely won't work for another.

    Big 40 Deluxe

    Dynasty 700

    XMT 456
    Custom Cart w/the following:
    Optima Pulser
    Coolmate 3
    XR Control Box
    XR Alumna Pro Python W/C

    CP 302 w/22A
    Synchrowave 180 SD

    Spectrum 2050

    TB 302
    HF 251 D1

    Dynasty 200 Coming Soon


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      ballpeen 08

      ballpeen if you have ever been in a skid loader there is a arm you pull over your head , like a safety bar on a rollacoaster this princeble might work well for you with your tanks.