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Welding Curtain

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  • Welding Curtain

    I want to make, or buy a welding curtain, to block the wind.
    I may also use it to weld inside, near the door, when it's raining.

    I have some pipe from an old carport that I might be able to use for the uprights.
    Should I use a welding blanket, or tarps, or what?

    I also saw a folding portable free standing curtain on the net and wonder how it would work.

    I need something just high enough to block wind and protect onlookers from harm, as well.

    Anyone have any tips on how to, or plans?
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    There are many designs on the market. Just Google welding curtains and copy one.


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      I picked up an amber/yellow 8 ft. wide by 6 ft. high 2-ply welding curtain for next-to-nothing at an estate sale and fabricated/welded a collapsible hangar arrangement for it out of electrical conduit. I use it to shield kids walking by from my arc. Mostly it's folded up out of the way with the frame hanging on the wall, but occasionally I deploy it if I'm worried about passers-by or the neighbors if I'm welding alongside my house. With the air movement I have here on the top of a hill I don't think the curtain would work to make Tig welding possible on a breezy day so I use it mainly to screen the UV.


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        i think you will find most of the weld curtains are made to block light not wind. lots just grab some cardboard, plywood or whatever is handy to block the wind. i have a blue see threw curtain at the door to my weld room to protect the kids or wife's eyes if they walk into the shop wile i am welding. but for outside i mostly use flux core or turn up the gas flow rate if i can block some of the wind most of the time turning up the flow rate works. this is for MIG, i have not tried to TIG out in the wind. i think i would go to stick if my MIG was down for some reason and i needed to weld out in the wind.


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          This is for MIG, I've been using a 4ft square chunk of cardboard for over 15 years now, I think I got my moneys worth.

          Do I need something non-flammable, or just anything that will fit the frame that I make, like HF tarps.


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            i think you just answer your own question.

            Do I need something non-flammable, or just anything that will fit the frame that I make?

            I've been using a 4ft square chunk of cardboard for over 15 years now

            if yo are going to go to all the trouble to make a frame you might just as well use a welding blanket to keep it longer.

            or just get some flux core.


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