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Another weld cart

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  • Another weld cart

    Well my el-cheapo starter mig died and I needed to make a better cart for my 180. The old cart had my mig, my arc, and my O/A setup on it making it just to heavy to leave the garage floor.

    So I put a few scraps together to make a more mobile cart. If I remember correct the rear wheels are 11 or 12" and the front casters are 4 or 5". It was all in my head so there are no plans. But if anyone wants to borrow ideas from the pics, please feel free.

    For now my tool trays are plastic specials from Big Lots. They should serve me fine until I get around to making trays from sheet metal. I may as well admit it up front. When I got to the handle on the front I managed to build the cart 1 1/2" to short, so I had to add it to the front instead of extending the front legs on up. All and all I think it turned OK pretty OK.

    BTW the is the first project that I built and painted before I actually used it.
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    Looks good.


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      Thanks Showdog. Its always nice to hear a good word.

      I just couldnt leave well enough alone !!!! I added a holder for the jar of nozzle dip and a pair of welpers, and the other side I made a beverage holder. Here is 2 links to the last 2 pics. If anyone wants to look at the welds or any of the other pics please click the link in the first post, as it will take you to the album.


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        Nice cart. Do you have to drop the cylinder in from the top?


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          Thank You BillyP

          Yes I do have to drop the cylinder from the top. I was thinking about that today while I was working on the holders on the front. I think I will cut the piece of tubing at the rear, weld tabs on it and drill the tabs for pins. We'll see what happens tomorrow!


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            What I like about what you are doing here is, you have found that most of the time when you want to pull a welder over to a certain spot and do a job, you don't want to bring every machine you own.
            It's nice to have your things on wheels for sure. It would be interesting to see how well everything stays when pulling across rough surfaces.
            Also like the little "extras" Just don't get so carried away that you end back up where you were, only a different version.


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              Thanks again FusionKing. My cart is DONE !! Well until I have to replace the wheels, there chi-pan all the way and wont last long. BillyP brought up a valid point about loading the cylinder so I made a change there.


              The last 9 pics are of the final changes. When I need to change bottles I remove a couple self threading screws and the bottle comes right out the back only having to lift it a few inch's.

              I have my cord thats wired in to the welder, and a short extension if I have to go to the end of the drive way. My original cord storage was to small for both cords and I didn't really like the idea of bending all the way down to wrap it up each time I use it. So I added a cord holder on the side slightly above knee high.

              I have read that many guys dint like the nozzle dip but I use it when I remember, and the cup holder thing is probably more suited for the anti-splatter spray rather then my beverage.


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                looks good. sometimes i wish i had a smaller machine. sync 200 runner is huge


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                  Turbo integra, That is a large machine but it is a service beast. It will likely run for 20 or more years, with reasonable care that is.

                  I have a Dynasty 200DX, a Coolmate 4, a HyperTherm 1250 plasma, XMT 300, M64S wirefeeder and a MM210. I have stuff in so many corners, its a zoo to get anything done. I also have a "B" Boom for when I am working in a large shop area, very nice but extremely large 15' radius of reach plus a 15' bernard gun and I can build large pieces with no dragging of a machine. and no cable on the floor for a trip hazard.

                  My shop just isn't big enough,


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                    I like your mod so that the cyl doesn't have to be lifted and dropped in to the retainers. Now, as soon as I collect so materials


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