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Robot, or a Robotic cart or wagon

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  • Robot, or a Robotic cart or wagon

    I have been looking around here for projects to try to find something that might help me out.

    I am in a wheelchair and have problems moving things from my van, to the back of my house which has a small hill to get around to my walk-in basement.

    I saw this in the recreation projects part here and got me to thinking.

    I have been into R/C cars/trucks for a LONG time and don't think the electronics would be a lot of problems, but would like to get some ideas on what most think might do the job.

    I would like to have something that could carry a bit of weight, and that looked pretty beefy.

    Drop me a note here, or a private message if you can point me in the right direction.
    Thanks, Jeff

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    If you go to they can probly help you be ase thee is guys over there that have built tractors and backhoes so the may be able to figur somthing out. I think some thing along the lines of aminiature forklift or wheel loader would work well.


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      Do you need it to be able to load and unload directly to your van or will you just be putting the items on the robot and you want it to help transport it to the back of your house?


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        I will just be using it to move items from one place to another. I can get them out of the van, but there is yard, gravel and a slight hill between the front to back.
        I have to wheel the chair myself, so hard to pull or push anything, but could use a remote control radio to drive it and control it.
        I basically need something that is pretty fast in being able to just throw something on it, and get it from point A to point B.
        I have a tractor and such I cut grass and do other things, but it is in the shed, and once I am on it I don't have the use of my chair, so it needs to be something I can control by remote.

        Originally posted by dudical26 View Post
        Do you need it to be able to load and unload directly to your van or will you just be putting the items on the robot and you want it to help transport it to the back of your house?


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          Maybe something like this?


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            The one on the U-Tube was very neat.

            Would be neat to find someone that was into the Battle-Bots, and had gotten out of it. Those parts they were, or are using to build them would be great for what I am wanting to do.

            Right now in the R/C world the big thing is Rock Crawlers. They do have the power, but just not big enough, and if you made them in larger form don't think they would have the power.

            Now people are seeing what I am wanting, something that I can put things on, sheet goods, dog food, anything I need to unload out of my van, and be able to take it around back. (it is he** getting old and being in a wheelchair too), but have come to the point in my life that I just don't have any help around the house and need to start on a build of something to help me out.

            I am sure that with all the people out here and their ideas I will come up with something.

            Keep the ideas coming.


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                Some don't seem to understand what I am trying to do here.

                I am in a wheelchair, have been for the last 29 years. At one time I was a walking guy and you never think about things in a different way, but the chair really makes you have to think out of the box about how to do things.

                I have a John Deere tractor of which I have a Johnny Bucket on it, with a LOT of rear weight, so I can move around most things 450 pounds or so from one place to the other, but the tractor is in the shed, 400 or so foot away from where I am getting out of the van. I have to jump over to the tractor, then go and do what I am going to do, but I don't have the use of my chair and I can't get off the tractor to do anything then, and don't have any other help so have to be able to be in the chair at the same time.

                What I am wanting to build is a flat style transport of some kind, like I had in the first picture, where I can put sides on it, or tie something down, and be able to just put it at the back of the van, slide or get the stuff over to it, then use one of my remote controls to be able to drive it down to the back of my house and into my basement. (it is a walk out). Would only like it to be 3' or so at most wide to be able to get it around easier and get it through doors.

                Basically I am by myself, and don't have any other help, and have to be in the chair, being a T5 paraplegic, and wheel the chair aound by hand (not electric chair, makes one fat and lazy, and you can't build arms up pushing a joystick, hope I never have to get to that point) but need to make something that I can stay in the chair and move things around.

                Maybe that will give some more ideas.


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                  Motors and gear motors
                  Wagon to work with
                  Lift table
                  You did post you were gona build.
                  I dont know if you are gona find a unit ready to go for your needs.


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                    You say you want to build it. Do you have the skill and tools.
                    How much weight will it have to carry? Does it need to be 4 wheel drive.This can be a costly project. R/C radio and receiver.....speed controller for best control but they can get expensive for large dc motors. There is a site that has lots of motors, switches, gearboxes etc called Surplus Center
           Making small r/c projects are easy because
                    there are many resources but start getting big and it's another story. My r/c unit that I left the link for has two large dc motors but no speed controller. When I built this I checked into speed controllers for motors this size and it was over $500 by it self. It's a skid steer with my servos tripping
                    micro switches that control power contactors. It's a mess of wires and switches but it was cheap and it's powerful. I had most parts. My parts are from a/c units,
                    icemakers, go kart chains and sprockets etc. If you can get away with something lighter duty, maybe look for a childs battery powered car you
                    can modify.


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                      Yes, I am planning on building it, don't think I would find what I am looking for built, unless it would be something that someone is wanting to get rid of.

                      Originally posted by redintn View Post
                      You did post you were gona build.
                      I dont know if you are gona find a unit ready to go for your needs.


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                        Hey Nick, I didn't realize that was you, or your unit you had built in the YouTube video until I looked at it again.

                        I think I have enough stuff around here to build it, minus the materials. I have a small vertical mill, a small lathe, Lincoln Mig, Miller Tig and TONS of tools. Now the big thing is to get the ideas together and collect all that is needed.

                        I know what you are talking about with things getting expensive for the electronics as things get larger. I have been playing over the Winter with R/C Rock Crawlers and the on Berg Motor over axle unit I have built has seperate speed controllers for each motor and I can vary them as to speed and to lock the rear for the Dig unit and such. There is $1200-1500 I would say in it. I would rather stick with a wheel transmitter over a dual stick, and make the mixes up in the radio, rather then using a stick radio. Many people in the rock crawlers are using relays to make the Dig unit (basically to lock the rear motor to spin it around sharper on turns) and I am using two speed controls to get much more out of it.

                        I guess one of the biggest things is to decide on what axles and drive setup to use on it. I would kind of like to go with a caster wheel setup in the front and vary the motor speed to the rear motors rather then having a skid steer design (I remember that tearing the yards up pretty good when I was a mechanic and a walking guy. Used to work on Bobcats) . Don't think I am going to find a servo big enough to steer it, and by changing speed on each rear motor I could turn it that way.

                        I am getting a few ideas now on things, Nick did you just build yours as you went along and collected parts?, or build off any kind of plans you had put together.

                        Going to a crawling get together tonight, I will throw it past a few of those guys and see what they think.


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                          I made an old electric wheel chair into an RC vehicle and made a tow hitch for it to pull a wagon. Could you switch to using an electric wheelchair and just tow while riding?

                          Here are some videos of what I made. I now have a different wagon and hitch which I have not made a video for yet that works much better.



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                            How did you connect your receiver to the speed controller of the chair?


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                              I used the stock wheelchair motor controller, disconnected the joystick and made the small board you see next to the joystick. The board has a microcontroller (Microchip 16F777) and a few other parts. I wrote a program to translate the RC signal into a simulation of the joystick.


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