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Aluminum Mufflers

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  • Aluminum Mufflers

    Decided to make some aluminum mufflers for my race car. Got the Idea from some turbo RSX's, (Kracker, thats for you... ) And they seem to hold up fine for them, so what the heck.

    I did have one problem, I couldnt stop my hand from shaking today, I dont know what was up, im 23 And my had shakes like a leaf... Hope it goes away....

    Any way, here are some pictures... Not as good as some of you guys...

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      What are they going to go on? Post a sound clip for us!


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          Very nice! What kind of times does she run? What have you done to her?


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            how much does the muffler weigh?


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              Originally posted by Scarsman View Post
              Very nice! What kind of times does she run? What have you done to her?
              Thanks, 10.84@ 122 last time

              Has a budget heads/cam, and some weight reduction.

              The new mufflers ar 2.5 lbs each, the whole exhaust is now ~ 10 lbs, vs 47..


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                Every little bit helps! Hope you spank all the 'Stangs!


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                  2.4lbs is pretty good for a muffler. Do you have any straight through designs for a build it yourself muffler. I like what you did but I think it would have more flow resitriction than a straight through design.

                  2.4lbs is damm light, lol


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                    Some time ago I installed a straight thru muffler on my semi. It had about 3-4 doughnut style baffles all with a 5 inch open center. I seriously could have dropped a softball right thru. It was very quiet. From the time I hit second gear(out of 13) I could tell the power was off. I couldnt pull a load anything like before and did a lot more shifting. In the 5 days that muffler was on I spent $147 EXTRA in diesel fuel. Needless to say Id rather put up with the noise than pay the extra in fuel and lost time.

                    Let us know what happens with your time slip.


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                      Ouch, thats painful.

                      Live and learn I suppose...Im also interested what that aluminum one you just finished sounds like.

                      I wouldnt worry so much about what the welds look like, as long as it holds...At least for that part. The only time someones going to see it is if you flip your car on the track, and I dont think that someone pointing out your welds would bother you more than other things at the same moment...just my .02.

                      Nice weight drop though...definitely a good way to pick up your time.


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                        Well, gained 2 mph!!!!! Lost et, but that was because the track was cold, I launched low rpm and bogged, my 60' was horrendous @ 1.62. Im stoked, problem is I broke My transmission right after. Tired to do back to back runs vs open headers, but she broke...

                        While loud, they did quiet the car considerably in car and out..

                        Here are some videos.




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                          I take it that second one was the tranny going! I like it. Sounds nice and mean!


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                            I like the sound...vicious


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