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Swim Platforms

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  • #16
    There is NO better color than Bare aluminum!

    Nice work King


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      So PUKE GREEN isn't your favorite??

      Anyway we got back on track and made one for the boats we (I use that word loosely) make. Notice the mounting has changed for this boat because the transom has about 1" of cup across it's width. Once again I had to field mount the brackets because of the cup.

      The crazy look on the tubes is the metal ceiling reflecting. A Kansas City Policewoman bought this boat and she let it be showed many time afterward to promote them


      • #18
        Those are pretty slick.


        • #19
          A few more shots of the same boat....thanks for looking


          • #20
            Aluminum Artist !!

            You are a True Artist, Great Job !!!

            ................. Norm


            • #21

              Just a tip that worked well for me when I was building quite a few teak swim platforms.

              When going to the boat to take my original measurements, I'd take with me a length (equal to the beam of the boat) of 2"x8" yellow pine. 8' was generally enough, however some transoms are more curved and require a wider board. I've had to go to a 2x12 for some boats. Anyway, butt it up against the transom, measure an equal distance from both sides (at the side of the boat) and then scribe the transom outline on the board. At the same time I'll put a straightedge on the board and set the cant (angle) for the support brackets.

              This should eliminate all the post build "fitting". You've already got all the info you need.

              For those boats with an extremely curved transom, I would cut my template on the scribed line. The male portion (that represents the transom curve) became the form for my first teak laminate strips. I'd just screw the first strip directly to the form using aluminum screws. After the platform was finished, I'd just cut the screws.

              Hope this made some sense. Saved me a lot of heartburn.

              Again, really nice work.


              • #22
                Very nice work FK...


                • #23
                  Sundown, thats a pretty good idea.
                  The problem that sorta clouds my brain on this is the fact that the tubes all run straight. If I had made a platform with a long radius bend the same as the transom and then done the same with the oval tubes mounting would have been somewhat easier and I could even use your method more fully.
                  As it is on these only the platform brackets and the downtubes are attached and the cup increases as the transom height increases. The area around the outdrive is flat.
                  I will certainly take this to heart and include it in my bag of tricks when I mock up the next one.
                  I have definitely gotten noticed making these. The problem is there are so many hulls out there that lend themselves to this... many newer designs have a sort of platform made into the hull. I have been asked to make a lower closer to the water design for these as well. So far I have turned them all down. mainly because I don't have the capability to bend long radiuses yet.
                  I was about to pull the trigger on a Pro-tools 3 roll bender when this Dynasty 700 deal came up. Even tho I got a super deal it pretty well tapped me.
                  It is hard to say what kind of work I will get in this market with the economy roller coaster we are on. I would raher make one actually but I would spend more time making dies than I would save. I would need Delrin anyhow. I will need to do something about this sooner or later tho.


                  • #24

                    We're really feeling the pinch out here as well. New boat sales and rigging are in the toilet. The "big" guys are still there, but the guys who historically bought their used boats have dried up completely.

                    The good thing is that it seems the seasoned boaters who already have boats, are spending money fixing them up. The yard where my shop is located has about four months of work already on the books. We just hired a new outboard guy this week.

                    Those teak swim platforms (including SS supports) used to run $1,200 to about $1,600 (depending on size) when teak was going for around $6.00/bd ft. Today the same platforms would have to run $3,000-$4,000.

                    Nice looking shop you got there. That new Dynasty 700 will make a fine centerpiece.


                    • #25
                      Nice work, FK.
                      Thanks fir sharing a cool project and congrats on the new 700 amp toy.


                      • #26
                        Wow !

                        that would make an excellent headache rack for my truck


                        • #27
                          Originally posted by welderman23 View Post
                          that would make an excellent headache rack for my truck
                          And I am totally with you!! It would be stout and look awsum I have a little blue S-10 something like that would look perfect on esp when left as aluminum and not powder coated.


                          • #28
                            Originally posted by SundownIII View Post
                            Nice looking shop you got there. That new Dynasty 700 will make a fine centerpiece.
                            That last group of pics is not my shop...mine is the little one in the building/welding ones.


                            • #29
                              This is the last one I made before the economic downturn started. In fact this boat was sold and the papers were all drawn up when the buyer found his job was in jeopordy.
                              I'm thinking the they may have it sold now.
                              My focus is now on making the T-top on a center console twin outboard boat and that is all we have been discussing as of late.
                              Btw I like the color on this one the most of all. the pics do it absolutely no justice. I have been asked by people who know what they are looking at if it had been anodized blue. I think the main difference is I bought some blemished metal and sanded every bit of it as good as I knew how, to hide all the little nics and scratches.
                              When you walk up to the boat in the showroom you are instantly drawn to the platform...which IMO is not right. You should see the entire boat as a complete package. But what the heck...


                              • #30
                                Once again I changed the mounting looking for a more universal approach, but they would not take the time to bolt the 2 piece center bracket anyway, and asked be to simply weld it...which was somewhat frustrating.
                                At least this time I got them to put in all the bolts that I had designed it to take (10)...the previous one they used about half of that. It will more than likely fall off some day. Our lake is unbelievably rough....constant 3-4 ft chop from all directions.

                                That's all Folks!!!


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