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Used Generator/Welder model AEA-200LE

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  • Used Generator/Welder model AEA-200LE

    There is a used Miller 200LE with 660 hours on it for sale locally. It has been converted to propane but don't have any other infomation about it.
    Is this a lot of hours? How long do they last? What should I look for in checking it out?

    Living in Florida, it seems like a good idea to have a generator on hand anyway, this would kill 2 birds with one stone.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Miller CP-200 w/3045 spoolgun

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    I have over 450 hours on my lincoln and it's not a year old yet. I've put over 600 on a trailblazer in less than 6 months. It was also being used as a generator at the time as well, so not all was welding. Actually it's just getting broke in good.


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      If you can provide a serial number I can tell you how old the machine is.
      How much are they asking for it? If it is an AEAD 200LE it is a pretty old machine. What I would want to know (especially since it has only 660 hours on it) is when was the last time it was run. I would wonder what kind of shape the engine was in. The fields may need to be flashed.

      Back in it's day the AEAD 200LE was a whale of a machine. Unmatched arc characteristics in it's field. Not mutch of a generator 5KVA I think.


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        250 hours is almost the same as 3,000 miles on a car. essentially it hasnt even been broke in very good. i have a legend ae/ad 200le. built in '88 and have almost 6,000 hours on it. lots of gas and oil later it still strikes an arc better than the newer ones do(in my opinion).


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          Miller Roughneck 2E

          In my search I also found locally a Miller Roughneck 2E, serial number JF848371. The specs are almost the same as the 200LE, but the motor is a single cylinder Tecumseh, can't be as good.
          2E: 200A@25volts @ 100% and 7KVA genertor
          200LE: 225A@25volt @100% and 5KVA generator

          I think this is a low hours unit, but no hour meter to tell. He hasn't started it in 10 years.
          The guy wants $650 for it with 100 feet of stinger lead and 30 feet of ground.
          What do you think? More generator welding less amps.


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            The Roughneck is a 1985 machine.
            The Roughneck is no where near the class of the AEAD 200LE. We are talking Roughneck = VW Rabbit AEAD 200LE = 1968 Chevy Camaro all tricked out.

            I know the amperage rating is similar, but arc characteristics it's not even close. Were you able to get the S/N off the AEAD?


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              I haven't been able to meet the guy yet with the 200LE. I hope to see him and the machine on Friday.


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                miller roughneck

                i have a machine with a broken engine is a miller roughneck 2E, i will like to know where i could find a new engine for it, thanks


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                  For 650 I wouldnt blink, especially with some lead, take it before he changes his mind.


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                    Miller AEAD 200

                    JWSRP: Did that machine have the "current jacks" in the front? Are they like TWECO? Heck, for $650, it would be worth it, even if the engine needed rebuilt or replaced. I guess you'll be able to tell more when he gets the serial number for you. Another member showed pictures of an SA-200G Lincoln he got for FREE, took it home, fixed it up, as good as new!


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                      Thread is from 2007


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