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Looking for new projects

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  • Looking for new projects

    Hi everyone -
    It's great to be part of the message board from the start. I'm new to welding and looking forward to starting on some easier MIG projects. Any suggestions on what to start with or examples of projects you have done?

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    wine rack plans

    Im an older hobbiest welder. I would like direction to some wine rack plans for a 20-30 bottle wine rack if someone can help. Im if you want to send to me direct.
    Any help is appreciated.


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      Originally posted by bill
      I would like direction to some wine rack plans for a 20-30 bottle wine rack
      Most wine racks I've seen are made of wood. If using metal, any spot that touches a bottle should be covered with wood or plastic to prevent scratching or breaking the glass.

      I did a search on Google and found quite a few plans for woodworkers. It should be easy enough to adapt some of those designs for metal.


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        Originally posted by weldinggirlenv73
        Any suggestions on what to start with or examples of projects you have done?
        How about some storage racks and shelves for your welding supplies? A welding table is always useful.


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          This is excellent... I was hoping to find some sort of message board to post up ideas and possibly ask really stupid questions.

          I'm learning to weld at the local Junior College. I'm learning OxyFuel Welding right now but hope to move on to tig before the end of the semester. I've been a machinist for several years and wanted to learn to weld so I can broaden my career and make parts for people on the side.

          BTW!!! Anyone with a mig/tig welder collecting dust, send it my way so I can put it to good use. hehehe


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            A simple project for the beginner weldor is a "weldors finger". It's a hold-down device for small details when you're doing bench work.

            Here is a drawing:



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              Here's another for the home hobbyist....sooner or later you will have to cut something with a plasma cutter or oxy-acetylene torch....this is a way to keep from setting the garage on fire...a cutting grate that consists of a grate over a pan of water. The bars are removable so that when they get eaten up you just change 'em.


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                For a little more advanced folks, you will want to build welder cart. Here's one I built


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                  This was a fun project...I bought a clock face from Sam's Club amd built this stand for it.


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                    Thanks for the help

                    Some really great ideas, projects, and sources! Thanks to all for the assistance and direct mail replies!!
                    Bill in Alabama


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                      I built this with the folks on the Hobart Forum a few years ago. It is an small compact 1/8" bending brake. As designed, its max capacity is 6" wide. I've bent 6" wide HR steel with it, and it actually worked Ive also bend 4" wide 304L SS. Mostly though, I use it to bend 2" and narrower stock, which it does nicely with very little effort.
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                        The bending brake was a great challenge, I built one too. The Hobart Forum is a great recource. Here's mine...I trimmed the bender leaf to accomodate shorter bends.

                        See more HERE


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                          Welding projects...

                          Hello! I just got on this and have high hopes! I am a High School welding teacher and am ALWAYS looking for smaller projects that the kids can build. Both useful things for themselves, or good shop projects.

                          Thanks, got to run the kids are getting here!


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                            Try this group for some neat ideas. You will need a cheap HF bender, 49 bucks for most projects...Bob


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                              Rocky D,

                              I like the Welding Finger. What the best way to make the weight block? A solid block may be difficult to find. Make a box out of thin plate material and fill with something heavy? Thanks.


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