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Welding cart addition

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  • Welding cart addition

    New to Mig Welding. Added on to cart to give better acess to storage. Also to give proper storage for leads and gun. Paint cart Miller Blue and welding/chop table saw next to come. PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!!!
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    More pics

    love welding with the millermatic 180
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      Yet more pics

      proud of my work
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        Do me a favor and reinstall the guards on those grinders (4 1/2" and 7").

        I've seen what a 7" grinder can do when it "gets away", and it's not pretty. I'd hate to see your welding progression stop because you lost the use of a hand or arm.


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          Next time post a few more pictures.(Just kidding) looks good,but as mentioned by Sundown put those guards back on and leave the grinder accidents to the professionals.Gloves dont do no justice when a wire wheel or grinding disk meet.Maybe we should start a thread pertaining to grinding incidents.My last run in was last year while on my knees grinding a piece of metal on the ground.Grinder got lodged between the metal and my knee(which was being used as a hold down device) only for a split second but long enough to make a 1/4 inch gash in it.Then add to that I had to stich it up myself.(didnt have insurance.)Like the saying goes "If your going to be dumb you better be tough."
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            thanks for the concern. the grinders were given to me from my father-in-law i am in the process of looking for the guards now.


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              One thing to be aware of. You can kink the liner on the gun if you put to tight a bend on it at the front of the machine. The way the cart is set up with the gun lead running down the side like that then back up its posible to do this several ways.

              I would try and slide the machine back a bit so that the gun lead prjecting out the front is a bit more protected by the cart. I have gone thru about 10 or 12 liners because the guys in the shop would try and cram my mig in the corner or shove something up againts the face and kink the liner. You can't see it unless you look REAL close, but you'll know it when the machine starts to feed eratically for no aparent reason. Drove me nuts trying to figure it out the 1st time they did it.

              Don't get me wrong, the design isn't bad, its just something that you need to be aware of so that you don't accidentally damage the liner and then can't understand why you can't get the machine to weld quite right.

              Nice job in general. Looks good.


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                It looks good

                My only question is whether there's enough room for the
                side door to open fully and stay open or does the top-shelf
                get in the way (or is there a catch of some kind... magnet?...
                that I didn't see (i'm at the end of intermittent net service right
                now and didn't look at all the pix -- if some pic answers my
                question, apologies...)



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                  Please resize your photos for the internet. 800 x 600 is big enough or 150kb. Many are still on dial-up and won't wait for such large files to download. Like me.


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                    i will try to remember


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                      the door is held open by a magnet



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                        A little off topic, but how do you like the 7" metal cased makita grinder


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                          Originally posted by garrettdurio View Post
                          love welding with the millermatic 180
                          Nice job, keep up the good ideas. I do have a small suggestion though. In pic #6, the way you have the torch cord warped will kink over time and could put undue stress on the wire feeder. Try to keep a good radius in it when hanging the cord.

                          Crap, I hate it when I don't read all of the post before I respond. Sorry about the same thought.
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                            The problem I see with the storage on top is that you're gonna want to use that space to put your plasma cutter up there someday. And when you go to put small parts (like tips, etc) on it they will fall through the expanded.
                            Nice work though.......


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                              Originally posted by ace4059 View Post
                              A little off topic, but how do you like the 7" metal cased makita grinder
                              Actually the 7" is a Black and Decker and it is very heavy but free.


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