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My Bike tow

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  • My Bike tow

    Hi every one, First time posting. I've been reading the forum for awhile.

    I'm posting pictures of a project I call UnderTow to haul my bikes around instead of a trailer and it stores on the wall out of the way in my shop.

    The first few pictures are of the materials and the build.

    Hope you enjoy them, please be kind I'm just a hobby welder.

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    My bike tow cont.

    More pictures of the project UnderTow.
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      My Bike tow cont.

      More pictures of my project UnderTow.

      Pictures of final assembly after powder coating and how it works.

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        My Bike tow cont.

        Final pictures of the lable I made for UnderTow and a light bar that you can bungee to the motorcycles seat that is fully functional (stop, turn, driving).

        I tried it out with numerous size motorcycles (scooters to Harley's).

        I have a lot of changes for the next one which will be less complex and patten pending.

        I don't have a pipe bender yet I had to make all the bends old school (cut, bend, weld).

        Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
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          Looks cool!

          It looks like you done a great job with your fit-up. Have you done any failure testing? Keep increasing the weight/drag load until it breaks? That is the only step that leaps to mind. Make several and abuse them until they fall apart. It will make you a better welder. I promise.

          If you go into production, you'll want jigs for everything, of course.

          Good job. Keep up the good work.


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            Looks pretty darn good to me

            I've always wondered how much abuse the bike takes from hitting bump and such, or maybe that isnt an issue. Just curious. Again, very nice job!


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              Originally posted by david myers View Post
              I have a lot of changes for the next one which will be less complex and patten pending.

              Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
              Yep, I enjoyed the pics. Metal fabrication at any level, is cool. Something I've learned throughout life: if you have a good idea, someone will steal it. Don't post pics on the internet that you want to patent.

              The only thing I can add is: make sure the lift seats against something at full lift. If not, when you hit a dip, the lift will unload and 'hammer' everything else.

              Edit: And thanks for posting pics that are small enough for me to download!!

              The bike won't take any abuse. When the front tire is lifted, the truck suspension takes half (or more) of the impact off of the front tire. And the rear suspension of the motorcycle is engineered to handle the rear of the motorcycle. Although there is some weight transfer to the rear suspension when lifted, the missing weight of the rider will compensate. IMHO, YMMV
              Last edited by Craig in Denver; 02-18-2009, 09:25 PM.


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                My bike tow

                Triggerman, Willy and Craig.

                Thanks for the inputs and looking at the pictures.
                I have done load tests and tried to beat the crap out of this thing before I powder coated it.
                I have had people use it to tow fully loaded Honda Gold Wings and they love it.
                This whole thing started with a friend at work who has a VW camper van and wanted to bring his Harley with them on vacation. The van would have struggled pulling a trailer thru the mountains. So I set out to design some thing that was light weight and easy to tow.
                As for people stealing designs, you can't stop people from doing that. Even if it's pattened all they have to do is make a few modifications and there is nothing you can do about it.

                One of the draw backs to this is you can't backup. this thing will jack knife in a flash and really do a number on your bike, truck and UnderTow.

                I have a lot of changes I plan to make if/when I build another one.
                I had a man stop me while I was driving around with it and wanted to know where to buy one or could he buy mine.
                He also wanted to know if I could make 20 of them and take them to Daytona for bike week to sell.

                As I'm only a hobby welder, I have another job that pays the bills. My work shop is my escape and therapy from the real world.

                Thanks again for the comments.



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                  that is pretty cool, never seen anything like it. good luck with selling it, I believe everyone has a Million dollar idea in them, they just have to get it out.


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                    Yessir, that's a real nice job you've done there Mr. Myers. And I especially LOVE all that green grass,beautiful ocean and great sunshine. OH yeah!


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