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trailer hitch question

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    I seem to get asked to help with issue more than I deserve. Being around less than handy weekend racers with tow rigs does not help. I use a web strap around a tree or other imovable object to pull hard and then set the brake. Not a chain, webbing, so there is some strech and spring load. Heat and beat side to side with BFH while under tension to remove. Heat the outside good and hot but not the glow point and spray water through the pin hole to cool the inside and shock it. I had one pop out at me when I shot some cold water in. The owner was suprised as he had been fighting with it for a while and had a pile of busted tools to show for it.


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      Trailer Hitch Problems

      This is an interesting thread. I have kind of a different problem since I usually remove the hitch from the receiver. This promotes rust inside the receiver and since I don't do much towing in the winter it seems like every spring I am out there with chisels, files, die grinders trying to clean out the rust. The front end of the receiver is closed making it hard to get at the inside. Does anyone have suggestions for methods of cleaning the receiver.


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        Originally posted by billybee60 View Post
        Does anyone have suggestions for methods of cleaning the receiver.
        Just leave the hitch in it. Oh wait, nevermind.

        I would try and just load it up good with some sort of grease once you have it clean. that will at least keep it mostly rust free and easy to get dirt out with a hose or air gun.


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          I had the same problem with a used truck that I bought. Since the back is boxed in, cut, burn or drill a hole in the end, weld a large fine-thread nut on the back . . . 1/2 to 3/4 . . . and use a bolt as a jackscrew.



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            hi, if you decide to use the tree and chain removal operation I would suggest having a plain car or truck tire no rim and chain from tire to truck and tire to tree. This is something a old farmer told me to do. It really works great and saves the jerking and trans plus gives you that extra stretching


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              I've read some good replies so I'll just trow this out.
              my Friend's 350 had the hitch rusted stuck after only a couple of months so being the jackasses that the we can be sometimes we chained it to the back of my Chevy 3500 dually and had are ford vs Chevy pull off (four wheel drive in concrete) after a lot of doing back and forth we stopped before we really broke something we had are trucks hopping.
              the point is that just jerking it doesn't work very good. so after are fun he just put tension on the chain and i hit the hitch with a BFH and it just came right out. I'm sure you need more than a tap with a BFH but save your truck and don't just try and jerk it out.(it is funny to watch though)

              billybee60: after you get it cleaned out put a rag loaded with grease in for the winter. my .02 cents


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                Originally posted by vin-man welding View Post

                . . . get it cleaned out put a rag loaded with grease in for the winter. . . .
                Now that's a good suggestion.


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                  i forgot to ad. pant or rubberized undercoating first. then grease rag.


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