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Science class

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  • Science class

    Just a simple question, I use pure CO2 on my migs instead of mix. I think co2 stands for carbon and oxygen but not really sure didn't pay much attention in science class. I notice some people use c25 is this just carbon if so what does the 25 stand for? or are they talking about 25% as in 75% 25% AR & CO2
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    If I remember correctly it's 75%Argon 25%CO2, or visa versa.


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      co2=carbon dioxide=the bubbles in coke, champaign, and in one type of welding/shielding gas. The reason for using c25 is cheaposity, as argon is more expensive than co2, and that combination works well in most every case.

      It's 25 percent co2 - 75 percent argon
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        Originally posted by Iron man View Post
        CO2 on my migs instead of mix. I think co2 stands for carbon and oxygen ?

        Pure Argon is better at absorbing and keeping the Oxygen in the air from screwing up yoiur welds.

        But, the mixed gases with CO2 are cheaper, and work 99% as well.
        That's why the industry uses the 25-75% mix.

        Argon is extracted from the air by the 'gas plant' along with every other gas you can think of that makes up the Earth's atmosphere.

        CO2 can be generated REAL!! Cheap as well as extracted/refined from our 'air' itself.

        Back to your original question/point:
        (I did real well in 8th grade Science class)

        CO2 means you have one Carbon atom and 2 Oxygen atoms to make 1 CO2 molecule.
        That's why we call it Carbon Di-Oxide.

        If we had only one atom of Carbon, and one of Oxygen---
        We call that molecule: Carbon Mo-Noxide.

        Not only is it pretty usless for welding, or other uses- it ordorless,
        tasteless, colorless,,,,,,,, and is very toxic to us and other mamals.


        To go on-------------

        (2 atoms of Oxygen = a 'di',, then the name of the other atom
        3 atoms of Oxygen = a 'tri',, then the other atom....
        When combined with Oxygen-- it's called "Di-Oxide, or Tri-Oxide' for example.)

        Just like it takes one Hydrogen atom and 2 Oyxgen atoms, to make one molecule of water.... Hydrogen di-Oxide (H2O)

        Or,,,, 2 Hydrogen atoms and 2 Oxygen atoms to make one molecule of
        Hydrogen Peroxide...
        Not the 'watered down version' like you get at the Grocery store,
        but pure strength, like what you use for rocket fuel.

        4 atoms of Oxygen gets called a 'ate'.
        That's why Sulfuric Acid is really known as "Hydrogen Sulfate"
        (One atom of Hydrogen, One atom of Sulfer, and 4 atoms of Oxygen.)


        So endeth the lesson, and I hope it was informative.....


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          Winger Ed

          I was does nuclear fusion work???


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            Originally posted by Bert View Post
            I was does nuclear fusion work???

            That's a reasonable question.

            I'll try to explain it in language you can understand........


            Ya know how Count Dracula can't see himself in a mirrror?

            It sort of works like that.

            Har, har, har,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            Sorry buddy,,,,, that one was just too much to resist......

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              Good One!!!!!!


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                Ok, I'll give it a try.

                "nuclur" fusion is the way the sun works. two hydrogen atoms are merged to become a helium. Our first big bang bombs were fission bombs, where we split hydrogen atoms in two (the fission bomb). Then Just before the commies made use of our stolen secrets. fuzzy ***** "whats his name" thought of using the fission process to produce by generating enough pressure and heat thata fussion device was possible (the thermoneuclear bomb).
                Now, at present, that is the state of fussion, aside from bombs, we have fusion in a lab (unbelievably expensive lab) using more energy to get the process going, than we get out of it.
                We have to start somewhere!

                Bert I thought your guys got all that info, under a former administration....Just kidding!

                Yeah (ballz) they were fuzzy, I'll bet you........... As the great Heinrich From's book was titled. "The Insane Society"....He was a great psychoanalyst.....Boy we have so much to worry about

                I just remembered....his name was Teller, Edwin, not fuzzy ****
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                  wow! I think someone needs to get a life!!!!!!!
                  Ever thought of taking up a hobby?
                  like welding???


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                    Well bert, I think I have had a life,,,,, there may be even more to come.. I realized when I was 25 yrs old that I had done more than most people that live to a hundred.


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                      wow! you must be a hundred now! Can I change your name and call you...


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                        Originally posted by Bert View Post
                        wow! you must be a hundred now! Can I change your name and call you...
                        Bert are you feeling ok?

                        Turn off that flamethrower, its not a toy


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                          If it's made by Miller and it's blue, Da*n RIGHT it's a toy!!!!!!!!


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                            Iron man I use 75% 25% mixture,, GOOD ONE Bert


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                              good explanation winger you did pay attention in school huh??


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