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So wut if im 16!!!!

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  • So wut if im 16!!!!

    hey some pics from my around the house projects keep in mind im 16 with maybe 60 hours of welding expeirence.i took the barbed wire tractor accesorie from this site its not quite done yet though. I know this is a miller forum but one pic is my hobart welder and matching cart. plus my team roping dumby. and finally my welding table with vise. also keep in mind that I only weld with scrap I find off my grandpas old farm stead he purchased.I use a hobart handler 140 with flux-cored i love that little machine!!!!!!
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    hopefully everything uploaded well


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      Welcome to the forum. I'm also relatively new to this forum and have found it really valuable. The folks here are great people and have a huge amount of experience. To be honest, compared to the bunch of Pro's on this forum, I know nothing - but, I've burned a lot of wire and learning with each project.

      Good going on trying out various projects, I love that wire rack, I've made a similar one. The ones I've made with a vertical post always ended up with a rat nest when I pulled the wire. So, I made a rig with a horizontal shaft to hold the wire and laid a bar or post or something on the spool of wire to keep it from running away. It helps of the spool has light friction on it.

      That Flux Core will serve you well on a farm / ranch application. You won't have to carry gas or deal with wind so much when welding away from the shop. However, be sure to get some gas and try solid wire - the difference is amazing.


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        Please limit your internet pic size to 800 x 600. Many of us are still on dial-up.


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          We love helping out younguns. Just make sure that you do your part...

          *Read all the resources there are, such as the Miller "Improving your Skills" section and strive to improve your skills.

          *Never weld anything that might compromise safety of life or result in property damage if it fails (ie trailer tongues, vehicle suspensions, overhead lifting equipment, or airplanes) UNTIL you're qualified.

          *Practice! Test your welds with the root bend test. See more testing procedures at

          *Be honest, humble, safe, and fill your brain up with everything you can because it's not going to be like a sponge for long!

          So what if you're 16? We we're 16 too, and some of us even still remember it. And we all agree that it's a MIRACLE we are still alive!


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            "So what if your 16" thats about when i got started when i wnated to make a dune buggy out of my VW bug, that was in 1974. I have ben makin a good living at it since. I havent stopped learning. Have fun and keep it up.


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              Started at 16 & Still Going !!!

              Hello and Welcome;

              I also started Welding for a living at 16, That was 42yrs. ago !!

              Every day I can't wait to get up to start my day earning my bread & butter at what I Love to do, Welding & Running My Own Business !!

              ............... Norm :


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                sweet im not the only one know


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                  when i was 16 my welds they called "gorilla welds" they were ugly but held for the most part sometimes. lol. Find a nitch and dont give it up


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                    Im still with ya only 17 here...

                    I did get my D1.1 in mig on plate and pipe when I was 16.


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                      I am almost 15 now. I started welding at 10 1/2. From now till then i have competed in 2 junk events. I am hired to do repair work at an antique shop. I am also an artist, I mainly do wall art and geometric abstract hollow-forms, I will post some pics in the future. To build up my portfolio I built a 6x6 foot sign for a company,pakit liquidators. I was also the assistant manager of and art gallery called Avant Garde. I haven't ceased to surprise myself and others to do whatever I put my mind to.


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                        how old do you have to be to get certified?


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                          C'mon guys, you are making me feel old now at 56. Believe it or not I was 16 myself at one time, unfortunately though I was into girls instead of welding, my bad, if only I would have known.

                          I saw some of the work you guys are doing, some of it is fantastic, some needs more practice and so does some of mine. At least all of you are putting a really good effort into it and by the looks of things, all of you are headed to a rewarding career.


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                            My Wife/Chic says I act like I'm 16 years old.
                            She means that in a good way.....................usually
                            And she's right most of the time.



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                              Originally posted by migwelder05 View Post
                              how old do you have to be to get certified?
                              As long as you can pass the test I dont think it matters.


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