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Look what followed me home

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  • Look what followed me home

    08 Dodge C&C, Started the bed.
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    Very nice!

    If you don't mind I've got a couple of questions, we're looking to build a new flatbed ourselves.

    What size tube are you using? I'm guessing 2 1/2 or 3" 3/16 wall sq tube? Hard to say from the picts. How much weight do you plan for it to hold?

    I'm also currious how much time you currently have in it at this point and will be currious to know how long in hrs it took when its all done (I'm betting more picts are coming as it moves along), as well as how much you will have into it in materials.

    The last bed we made for ourselves was 6+ years ago and we built it on down time thru out the year, so it's had to say how long it took and what it really cost. We're going to have to replace the old truck this year, so I've been asked to start thinking about how long/much it would be to replicate the bed. Right now I am figureing 1K for the bed, 1k for the racks in materials (racks are moderately involved), .5-1K in misc (wire, blades, gas, tips etc. This is one area thats kinda throwing me) I'm guessing 20-40hrs for the bed / deck (simple nowhere near as complicated as yours, simple 3" C over rails) 80hrs for the racks, tiedowns, light brackets and such. I understand design and complexity figure heavily in estimating all of this. I'm not asking how long/much mine should cost, only trying to get an idea how long its taking you for what I see.

    I'm trying for a reality check on production time / costs more than anything. I expect it to take us at least 2X longer than someone who welds daily, at least till we get up and running again after the first few days. Thanks


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      I have $1,700 in materials. 2"x1/8 Tubing. When it is all done, bottle racks, in bed toll boxes, lead wells and top boxes I will have around $5,500 material & labor in it. I am going to build the top boxes out of 1/8" aluminum and it will take two 4X8 sheets at $200 per sheet so that will bring the materials close to $2,000


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        good looking truck.


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          If I were to guess what my last truck cost to build about 15,000 -17,000

          The above is the cost of which I would have to charge someone if they wanted us to build which includes Bed, tool boxes, heavy rack, cable holders, Paint & Mounting.

          Time was at least 120 - 140 man hours.


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            Thanks for the info guys. I can easily figure out how long it will take to layout and form steps, or dig, stone, pour and stamp a patio of X size, but I don't do enough large welding projects to have a good feel for this. Sounds like my preliminary estimates might not be as bad as I might think.

            Finney, looking forward to seeing more of the truck compleated in the future. I'm hoping to pick up a few tricks/ ideas that we may not have thought of.


            • #7
              Nice Truck!

              Finnney: I'm anxious to see it when it's done, and what engine drive you bolt on there!



              • #8
                I have a Vantage 300 on the truck we are replacing. I bid on a 200 Pipeliner diesal, have to wait and see on that. Miller rep wants me to try a Pro 300.


                • #9
                  Watch you weight during the build it adds up fast.My deck weighed 3700lbs after galvanizing.


                  • #10
                    The way I have it figured it should be around 1,200lbs bare without tools & welder when finished.


                    • #11
                      We have power back today, I will post more pictures tonight.


                      • #12
                        More Pics Of build
                        Attached Files


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                          And more build pics
                          Attached Files


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                            Nice work. Looks like you are putting a lot of attention into the details.

                            I wish I had a nice shop like that to work in.


                            • #15
                              hi finney. i've been trying to deside on what i sould do for a bed on my truck so i can't wait to see the finished truck. are you using any prints as a starting point or just making it as you go?


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