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Bert's Pics

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  • Bert's Pics

    Ok guys/girls,
    Weld13 has been bragging he's better than the "old guys", so it became a little competition between Weld13, fun4now and myself.

    1st step was to show a fillet weld/inside corner root pass with 6011 and 7018.
    Got the courage and made a little time to make and show mine.
    Comment all you like
    If I lose, I owe these guys a 5lb box of rods
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    hey i never said i was in the compatition. just wanted to give it a try. as i only have 9 sticks worth of preveous expereance i wouold hope you boith beat me.
    i said i suck at stick from the start. i also dont think i have any matereal that thick to play with ?? and i only have one kind os rod to work with, 6018 i think ????????


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      Welds look good. Possibly could have used a little more heat with the 6011, but consistency looks good.

      I wouldn't be too concerned about a "welding competition" with either of your competitors. I don't know how Weld_13 finds time to weld at all, what with all the "projects" he has going on at one time (rebuild gas welder, rebuild jeep, etc, etc, etc). Must be nice to be young and have that kind of energy. I wonder if he will ever "finish" ANYTHING.

      The competition I wouldn't get into with those two is "punching keys on a computer keyboard". Doesn't matter what keys, just punch some keys and hope that the other posters can figure out what they mean.

      A little proofreading and use of spell check would make things a lot easier for the rest of us.


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        OK sundown when did this become something to start taking shots at people? We were just havin some fun messin around and when someone said they had a problem with how things were typed guess what I stopped didn't I? And by the way I never said I was better than the older guys thats bert pokin fun if you wish to comment and start takin shots for no reason find out what hes talkin about first cause for some reason this isn't the first post you've made directed at me and frankly I don't want any part of it because I haven't been targetting people and do not have a problem with anyone on this board or any other board for that matter


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          well hare are a few attempts by me.
          sorry if they are not the clearest i did try. please keep in mind this would be my 10th threw 20th rods ever burned as you can see by the remainder of my first 5lbs box of rods. they are 6013 1/8" rod's being burned at 90amps AC.
          i think thats about right for them. like i said be-for i'm still very new to stick and only taking part in this as an excuse to make me go practice some.
          so feel free to give me the good and bad on my beads. i welcome any comments that may help me improve. i still have not found a comfortable way to hold steady and feed the rod. i suspect that will be the biggest hurdle to overcome. only once i have worked out that one will i likely be able to truly improve. and i suspect only time can teach me that.
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            the weld look pruddy good give me a few days and I try and get some pics of mine maybe


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              Originally posted by fun4now View Post
              i also dont think i have any matereal that thick to play with ?? and i only have one kind os rod to work with, 6018 i think ????????
              Oh we were just going to use whatever we had.


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                The beads like nice to me. I'm not shure ask the others on this but I think heat may be off?


                • #9
                  hey bert

                  Nice welds! I haven't done any stick welding since my one and only welding class back in '87.

                  Don't know if you saw my question to you in another post: is Kilgo's (I think that's the name) still there? I lOVE that place. I always have to go there whenever I get to HI.



                  • #10
                    Hey Fun ...with all those excuses you were makin' I was expecting to click on those pics and witness some real birdpoop!!!!
                    Anyhow I am impressed if that is all you have welded (less than 20 rods) I don't know if I would say they are as good as Berts but man I will say I would give you a job at my shop if you were here that's for sure!!

                    BTW did you know there is a spell check feature already on the forum you can use... it is in the upper right hand corner and is a check mark with the letters ABC on it. You would gain a great deal of respect on here using it... not saying you are dumb either just saying that by using it one might not conclude that you were just not using it to be stuborn or something like that. You have already proven hundreds of times over to me that you can use a computer WAY WAY WAY BETTER THAN ME. Anybody with a brain can see your genuine desire to weld better but some of the posts are bad enuff I simply have to skim over them because my vision is bad enuff that I can't stand to stare at them so long. I would much rather be able to read and understand what it was you were posting without going over and over it again and again trying to figure out just exactly what it is that you are saying.
                    When I started messin' around on the internet a couple of years ago I chose not to use spell check either because it made me feel to I was admitting I was "stupid". Not so I was just too lazy to do I did not have the time or whatever. I decided I didn't want my legacy to be a bad speller etc. so I chose a different route... I went out to the local bookstore and got the biggest webster's dictionary I could find and every time I ran across something that I could not spell I looked it up. I "re-learned" how to spell that way. And then I also take the time to peview all my posts also so they make sense.
                    So I am asking for your self improvement and the quality of this and the motorsports board give one of these methods a try because it truly does come up entirely too much because you post more replies than anyone here.
                    I thank you for reading this and hope that you will consider my suggestion and not take offense to it as I consider everyone on here my friends and would welcome any or all of you into my place just as if I seen you everyday on the street (and liked you that is)


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                      welding critique

                      Bert crank up the heat a little on those 6011's overall not bad though.

                      fun4now, James you sure you have only burnt a dozen or so rods?


                      • #12
                        cool not so bad after all? thanks !!

                        FusionKing & dabar39
                        yes it really is my first box of rod's. i suspect i have now counting the ones i burned today burned about 20 or so rod's. as for all the excuses, they are true and i'm happy to hear they are not as bad as i thought they were. i have done O/A in the past. thats what i learned first. then MIG , then TIG. well i'm still new to TIG also. but recently decided i should try out the stick side of the TA-185 wile it was still new. so i ordered a 5# box of stick's so i could try it. i have to say i can see its usefulness once its learned. i get the basic idea of it just have to find the best way to hold and work the stinger. again like any of the other processes you just have to put in the time to find a way that works for you. i'm still working on that part. i have good solid welds i just need to work on the looks. all in all i'm happy with my progress so far but did not expect it to be anywhere near worthy of a competition, just used it as an excuse to burn a few more rod's. also thought i should try the AC due to one of the young ones saying its harder. thought i should try it out. personally i think DC is more difficult, but that could be just do to the fact it was the first i try ed so i was still very confused about the hole holding thing. it is getting essayer to work the stinger so may be thats why i thought AC essayer, just do to it being more comfortable to work the stinger. ya right comfortable, i wish. maybe after the rest of the box is gone i'll have a better way to hold and work the stinger. then i can work more on the appearance part.

                        again thanks for the positive words, i'll keep at it.
                        i have a spell check on my browser (iespell) and try to use it just don't always think about it. i will try to remember.


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                          weld_13 Quote:
                          Originally Posted by fun4now
                          i also don't think i have any material that thick to play with ?? and i only have one kind os rod to work with, 6018 i think ????????

                          Oh we were just going to use whatever we had

                          certainly i'm only going to use what i have. i already changed to AC for you , now you want me to go buy more rod's too??? you must be kidding.
                          like i said i'm just doing this for the practice.


                          • #14
                            I don't think Sudown meant anything by it But in case you ARE right about maybe he and others didn't read an earlier post, I DID put words into your mouth and said, YOU said: you were better than all the older guys here!!!!
                            (though you didn't...)Sorry if I got you in trouble!!! Far as "all your projects, hey, I think the same thing!!! Although I'm the same way: Fishing, Diving, now painting my dad's house, welding, gonna start doing e-bay soon, etc. None of my projects are finished, but now I try to do some that really don't HAVE to be completed...I wish I had your energy, in MY mind, I'm still 13!! (My wife says I am )
                            Kilgos closed 2 months ago. Past few years have been horrible, with lack of service and most of their tools come with free rust! Hope to see you when you visit!
                            Sundown and Dabar39,
                            I HAD my heat a little hotter, and it had little tails and undercut, so I went down 4 amps. I think I burned those at 130amps, 1/4"plate on top to a 3/8" plate on the bottom. Had to do some painting on dad's house, so I didn't have as much time as I wanted.Gonna play with the new machine more to "dial it in". Also had trouble with the DIN connector. Stinger one was ok, but the ground wouldn't "lock in". Made it snug as it could and went to town. Stopped by Gaspro on the way home and he gave me a free one he happened to have. I hope it locks in better...
                            thanks for the comments!!!!!


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                              Originally posted by fun4now View Post
                              weld_13 Quote:
                              Originally Posted by fun4now
                              i also don't think i have any material that thick to play with ?? and i only have one kind os rod to work with, 6018 i think ????????

                              Oh we were just going to use whatever we had
                              certainly i'm only going to use what i have. i already changed to AC for you , now you want me to go buy more rod's too??? you must be kidding.
                              like i said i'm just doing this for the practice.
                              Nonono I wasn't saying use what we were going to use I ment material wise we were just using whatever we had laying around not to go out and buy stuff I'm too cheap for that, I would have to find it off the side of the road


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