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Guy came in today looking for a job,

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  • Guy came in today looking for a job,

    He also left here today looking for a job. I even advised him he should look into a different line of work.

    When he came in he says he's got 20 some odd years experience building trailers and he's one of the best guys around, blah... blah....blah....
    As soon as he said I won't find anyone better than him I knew he didn't know squat or wasn't worth a darn. Just to humor him I had him go into the scrap bin and grab a couple pieces to join together. He used my thunderbolt ac/dc stick to burn some 6013 and 6011 rods. The first pics are the 6013 and the last ones are the 6011's.

    My God it's scary knowing their is work out there performed by this guy. Dave
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  • #2
    Now thats what I call pathetic. To me it looks like a huge bird came and took a c*@p on it but thats just my opinion


    • #3
      What's really scarry is his trailer's going down the highway ...Bob


      • #4
        he calls that a weld??????? wat the ?


        • #5
          YIKES!!, I hope he took your advise and finds another line of work


          • #6
            thats scary for shore. he said he had 20 some years of welding?? just think how many of them trailors are out there with his so called welds on them.


            • #7
              may be 20 minutes or secounds !!!! hahahaha


              • #8
                Guys like that just tic me off

                I have an auto repair shop and our industry is flooded with these idiots talking the big talk but when it comes to putting out they can't handle even the smpliest task professionally. You shake your head and wounder how they can find anyone who will hire them and risk the companies reputation.


                • #9
                  Can you give me his phone #? I need a clown for my lil sisters birthday party. What a joke, I hope you didn't let him leave without giving him an earfull. You should probably let the D.O.T. know about his work.


                  • #10
                    probably worked as a jig monkey in a mig only shop, i know a few like that, couldnt burn a rod, or run tig to save there life


                    • #11
                      Maybe the second pass would have been with JB Weld and a caulk gun and then a good buffing


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by monte55 View Post
                        Maybe the second pass would have been with JB Weld and a caulk gun and then a good buffing
                        Yeah maybe he had (JB) welded for 20 years


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                          How about Bondo.

                          Originally posted by monte55 View Post
                          Maybe the second pass would have been with JB Weld and a caulk gun and then a good buffing
                          It's funny that you would say that because accupress and accushear thats what they do. There people run a couple of beads then finish off with Bondo. Thats why there welds look just so PERFECT.

                          dabar39's guy well I don't know. Maybe he's just starting out and really needs a job and mentor and thought that dabar would be the best person to get the training from thats close to where he lives.I now I now he said that he has been welding for about 20 or so years but we all know what it looks like and can guesstamate how many minutes of welding experience he has.

                          Hey dabar39 Did he come to your shop prepared for a weld and fitting test?or did he just show up with a lid and gloves?Did he look you in the eye and talk to you?Or did he just look around the shop and at the ground or at something?When he shook your hand was it weak or strong?

                          I don't know about you guy's but when I first started out I had to lie to get a job because nobody would give me the time of day I mean ok I did abit better than that mind you but it's the samething I guess.But you know something, It just goes to show ya what kind of welders there is out there.And it's the same as the pics that I had posted on my thread about bubble gum welding I for one am not surprised at all.


                          • #14
                            Thats sad, I understand jobs are hard to find these days but eventually you will have to prove you can do what you say you can do. I could call myself a dentist and pull a few teeth but someone will suffer in the end LOL.
                            The best one I ever seen a guy came to our shop one day from a temp service, like was said earlier he had all these years experience, I took him to the weld dept. for welding test first thing he does is points to the welder and ask what does that machine do. we are mig only shop so maybe he was great with stick or maybe at brazing but he had never mig welded before.


                            • #15
                              Dave, what Dramik said/asked re handshake, eyes to yours, etc. Interested if he did all that...Since I haven't shown you guys my welds yet, I'll take a few pics of my instructors...mines look similar to his!!! Can you hire me from those pics???!!!!!!!!!


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