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Design help needed

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  • Design help needed

    My wife truck has one of those chrome bumper grille guards on it. It is attached with 5/16 bolts, 8 total. There are 4 on the bottom to the frame, 2 in the radiator support and 2 about half way up the bumper. There are 2 little straps that run between the radiator support and the bumper. They are about 1/2 in wide and maybe am 8th thick. There is just a simple 90* bend at the radiator end. There is no reinforcement at the bend and they keep cracking. I need something a bit more stout to put in there. Im pretty much stuck with the h0les in the support unless I spend days disassembling the front end to make room to drill.

    Ill be her hero if I can make the truck quit squeaking every time she hits a bump.

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    can you post a picture?


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      It will be a couple days for a pic. My wife left a 4:30 this morning to babysit. Her oldest son is having baby number 2. She will probably be there until mom and son come home from the hospital.

      Picture this. The strap lays flat and comes thru the grill to attach to a tab on the bumper. There is one bolt at each end. At the radiator support the strap is bent up in an L shape to meet the radiator support. The crack occurs near the bend. Whoever built this thing is asking for a lot of "shock absorber action" from a solid piece of metal. The L shape is too long to not flex. I thought about putting a gusset on the side of the bend but we still have to be able to get at it with a wrench and have room for the bolt, which mostly takes up the entire width of the strap.

      The bumper looks nice but attaching hardware is under built.


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        Possibly make one that is thicker?


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          I thought of that but it will still be pulling on only one side of the bolt. I was concerned if it was heavier metal the radiator support may be the next victim.


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            Additional bracing then would be needed .Kinda hard to figure without a pic.


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              Ill post one when the truck comes home. Thanks.


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                Seem to me you need to find another place to attach it.

                What if she hits a deer....the radiator support isn't going to handle that force and it would make the repair more expensive.

                Can you reinforce the bumper and frame attachments so it doesn't require that strap?


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                  I think its pretty much just a chrome ornament anyhow. I dont think it would do much against a deer other than lessen body damage. My semi is going to get one made out of 1X3 tube and my pickup will have 2X2. I hit two deer in two weeks with my pickup and the factory bumper took a real beatin. I got very little body damage besides the plastic grill. Hers is a girly truck with a girly bumper. She should be home some in the morning. Im going to see if I can run some small square tube or channel all the way across the to both brackets and weld them so there is no bend at all.


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                    The squeeking to me indicates 2 things one is lack of structure already covered. but also to small of fasteners, not strong enough fasteners or lack of Loc-tight in the assembly.

                    If the fasteners are not strong enough they will stretch some during vibration and become a squeek before they get so loose that they fall out. if they are too small then they will only hold with a certain amount of stress and the moving of a large massive bumper would easily be too much for a small fastener. Finally Loc-tight is my faith on mechanical fasteners, if repeated cycles and vibration are possible loc-tight those suckers.

                    For what it is worth my bumper on my truck is held with 3/4" grade 8 bolts,, it just wont move,,,,,,,EVER.....

                    This might be over kill on the explanation but if you understand my thoughts it may help.

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                    Last edited by Paul Seaman; 01-09-2009, 07:44 AM.


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                      Good thoughts all. The squeaking in the case comes when the strap cracks and is annoying the other part of what it used to be. The truck came home. Ill get some pics.


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                        Yeesh Paul, what derby are you entering in THAT thing!!! I guess you don't have any trouble running over deer!!!

                        Flyingpig, stop running over deer!!
                        If you do, do you guys take it home and eat it??? just curious, I have
                        no clue, since we don't have em here...

                        Can't wait to see pics of bumper and how you fix it!!!


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                          Bert we have a great plenty of deer. How many do you want? You pay the freight. Yes we eat the ones that arent tore up.

                          Heres the pics. The girly bumper, the broken bracket, the good bracket in place, and the bolt where the broken one was.

                          Note how the bolt in the radiator support also holds an X brace. The bracket then is stressed unevenly by that brace. The bolt is at the end of the "L" rather than close in. I think it would work better if it was under the X brace but there isnt enough clearance.

                          In my first post I said it was breaking at the bend. You see in the picture thats not the case. Thats just because I have CRS. The second break is right next to the weld from the first break.
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                            YEESH! THAT'S A GIRLIE BUMPER??!!!
                            LOOKS! HEAVY DUTY! Well, compared to Paul's, I guess it is!!!
                            Looks like you can do heavier/thicker brackets or put more bracing like you mentioned, that's cool,

                            but food for thought:

                            If you do that, and make the bumper and bracing more stout, would you have a harder time fixing the radiator support when that gives way instead???? And anything else that you add attachments to???

                            Never had deer meat. Wanna trade for some fish??


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                              Yeah that really is a lite duty bumper.

                              I dont really want a heavier bracket but do need a stouter mount on the radiator side. Ive got it here on my desk and it measures 1 3/8 wide by 1/8 thick. It has 3/8 bolts instead of 5/16. The bracket is equally as girly as the bumper but the geometry on the one end is shyt. I think its a "universal" mount which means it works for everybody but me.

                              What kind of fish?


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