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snapon ya212a mig welder

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    Originally posted by All-about-design View Post
    My brother-in-law has a small 110v Snap-on welder. NIGHT MARE from day one.

    In a nutshell consumables are tough to get...apparently there were 3 mfgs of this model and all are not created equal to to find contact tips even is a pain.

    I do countersales at a company and we also sell welding supplies. People come in with HF and other discount welders or in this case off brand welders and cna not find repair parts or as I said even consumable with out just "making do".

    Stay with a name brand and in the long run life will be much happier.
    One of my coworkers has a Snap-on Plasma Cutter and he cautioned me not to get one because it's so hard to find consumables and when you do find them you pay out the wazoo.


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      i own a snap-on YA-212A and love my machine and all the research i have done on it says that machine was built by miller and i did alot of research befor buying it.... ive had my machine for over 2 years with no problems


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        I've had one for 15 years, changed the ground clamp to a larger one, cleaned terminals, welded with out one failure! knock on wood! Even figured out the tig set up, but don't care for a scratch start. I paid 600$ for it, it has a Tweco gun and I found tips for century were longer, being cheap I bought them and added a washer/spacer to the nozzle. No problems with sticking wire, proper cleaning and the use of nozzle gel, well I go years before burning up a tip. my vote look it over good, if it's been kept dry and used properly it should make you very happy you have it. tt
        btw just bought a late 90's Syncrowave 250 today.


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          we had one at the semi truck repair shop i worked at....needless to say I stick'd everything. I could never get it set up right, and the whole wire feeding mech was kinda shoddy. I dont know if ours was just wore out, but I could never get a 10 pounder to stay on the thing without it unravelling all over. And I agree on the price. If you can get one used for cheap, it might be a decent could however, turn into that, an investment. We bought parts off the Snap-on truck, and they were just as pricey as the rest of their tools (I complain, but i got 20+ grand worth of their stuff in my garage)


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            I bought a little Mac tools MW140plus, its a great little unit because it is a re-badged Millermatic 140. I would never have bought it because the list is almost three times as much as a Miller, but it was a special order that some guy backed out on and he gave it to me at cost which was cheaper than the Miller. I should just paint it blue and order miller decals. So they don't all use and re-brand the cheapest systems. Unless Miller is cheap and crappy lol.


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              snap on welder

              its pretty bad when the snap on man says that they arnt the greatest and hasnt sold any in the area


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                If it's about cost, I would agree to look it over and check it's operations. I have had Lincolns, Snap on and use a older Miller in my shop now. When I could not get 3 phase to my home shop, I picked up a Snap on YA 240 for 250 dollars (built by Century) it needed a fan but worked for years doing a fair job being used weekly and the tips i picked up at the local welding supply store. It didnot weld like my lincoln RS325 with a cobramatic or the Miller 35, but it was what I could aford at the time.


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                  I have a YA 212 A that is about 25 years old. It works flawlessly to this day. I've had to replace a liner once and a relay once. Parts are all still available from Snap-on. I honestly like the machine better then most millers. The only thing that would make it better is if it wasn't tapped.


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                    millermatic 211 and a snapon ya212

                    Hi I have a millermatic 211 and a snapon ya212
                    the snap-on out perform,the millermatic 211
                    the snap-on have way more duty cycle 100% at 200 amps
                    the millermatic is like 15% only at 200
                    the millermatic welds ok the snapon welds perfect..

                    millermatic 211 auto set
                    snapon ya212
                    miller maxstar 140
                    lincoln 225
                    Chinese plasma cutter
                    harris oxy-fuel torch
                    Last edited by funyto; 06-28-2011, 10:02 PM.


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                      I dont remember all the model numbers but they are all over the place as to working or not, seen some in service a good long time without issue, some it seems they could never get to work right. I hear they can be found in pawn shops on occasion.


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                        Originally posted by funyto View Post
                        Hi I have a millermatic 211 and a snapon ya212
                        the millermatic welds ok the snapon welds perfect..
                        Anyone else's bull malarkie meter going off?


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                          "Anyone else's bull malarkie meter going off?"

                          Yup,but I figured if he's happy welding with a boat anchor who am I to yip

                          Man I wish Miller would spring for some decent smileys.


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                            Originally posted by Doughboyracer View Post
                            Anyone else's bull malarkie meter going off?
                            Maybe he just doesn't know any better.


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                              My Snap On YA212A has out performed all the rest. Like somebody else posted, it was made by CK Systematics out of PA. If I ever need anything, I get it from them....however, since I have owned it, it hasn't cost me more than $300 other than tips and a few liners. For the last 24 years it has worked side by side with a Hobart and a Miller. All three were bought within the same year and as of now....the only one still welding is the Snap On. The Miller needs an $800 circut board (for the second time), and the Hobart is just fried. They all did the same work. They all used about one roll of 035 wire in about three weeks. The Hobart came in second as far as down time and if I had to guess, maybe $2,000 in repairs over the years, but a lot of down time. Not so good on the cost the most and was broke down the most....probably $3,500 in repairs over the years. All in all.....the Snap On always took up the slack when the others were down for repair. I tried an Esab last year and before we could even fill out the demo papers, it quit, so the guy took it back.


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                                Snap-on Muscle Mig welder

                                I personally own a snap-on welder stock# MM140SL original cost on line $3,081.85. However I paid $1,500.00 craigslist and the machine welds great. I have used miller welders and lincoln and they are great welders too. Im just saying that my snap-on with a 100% duty cycle has yet to fail (3yrs) and no repairs needed. I guess I got a good welder out of the stock and I can pick up tips and other minor stuff from my local welding shop. So all the bashing on hear well I call it being brand loyal. I may own a rebadged something but its got a pretty red and white paint job LMAO.....I dont care what the name is if it does what I need then i'll use it period.



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