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My Bending Brake

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  • My Bending Brake

    Its been a long time since i posted. I cant remember if I put info in the profile, so just in case I am in Kansas CIty. Just thought I might post a couple pics of my latest projects. I welcome input here, GOOD and BAD, I am always willing to learn. Thanks for looking everyone.

    Here is the bending brake that I have started on. I have spent hours looking at what everyone has posted and this is what I have come up with so far.

    I sure hope that these files dont kill the people that are on dial up. I uploaded them to photo bucket as message board size.

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    Ok it looks like I can only post 4 pics at a time, so here is a few more. Please say something if I am putting to many pics, as I dont want to offend anyone.

    Ok, for now thats all I have of the brake.


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      Material Thickness

      Your material looks fairly stout and well constructed, what thickness do you anticipate bending?


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        At this point most likley 3/16 would be the heaviest, and if it looks like it can take the abuse maybe 1/4 tabs if I was to make the bend near the side of the brake. I am also building a BBQ trailer and I need to make shelves and storage boxes kinda like the ones a person may see on the side of a flatbed. But I have to hang the boxes from the ceiling, so I am guessing that 1/8 for the box unless I can convince the wife that I need a bead roller. Just for the record chances of that are slim. I honestly dont think I will be able to bend 3/16 with out heat, heck 1/8 may be a chore but it has to be better then what I have now which is nothing.


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          looks good. alot better then the one I builded about ten years ago. I sold it on craigslist just a few days ago.
          post some pics of that bbq smoker!! I need some more ideas for mine
          check this post search.... my summer project I don't remeber the guy's name but he got one **** of a nice smoker and alot pics. I get a chub everytime I look at the thread.
          Welcome back, Daye
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            Dial up guy here. Your pics are fine, thanks for asking.

            Good pics too, all in focus, good close ups.


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              Glad the pics work allright craig, Thanks for the response I was worried a bit. And I am not sure how I managed to get them to look nice this time. Most of the time they are all fuzzy looking.

              Tigmusky here is the link to my public skydrive account you and anyone else is more then welcome to check out all the folders, the names explain there selfs. The smoker roof folder has the old smoker that I built 5 years ago and also the starts of my new trailer and roof project. Its been kinda cool here so I have been indoors unless I have to go outdoors to make a living.




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                brain dead and need an idea

                This is my best shot at editing a pic in paint. I am not sure how I want to place the gussets on the back side of the lifting portion of my bender. I dont wana skimp and at the same time I dont want to over do it and make it look like a pile of poop. Any ideas would be more then welcome.

                The pieces that are marked with a X are just there to hold everything in place untill I have a plan and get it tacked up.


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                  Well I kinda jumped the gun guys! I had a tiny little flaw in the allingnment of my piviot points. Tonight I cut it out and welded a 1/2" I.D. tube in place of the holes that I had in the wrong place. I sure wish I could work more then an hour or two a night but it just wont work out. As soon as I make a little more progress I will post more pics.


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                    Are you gonna draw up some plans so we can make one too?
                    AFTER you figure out all the bugs!!!!!!!!!!
                    thanks for all the good pics!!!!!!!!!


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                      Guys this is what my face looked like last night. I started trying my hand at 3-d cad. My goodness my eyes were bugging out, my hair felt like it was gona fall out. But in the end I did get part of it in cad. Here is a start, this is a way cool program. I just wish I knew how to make it work easier.

                      Actually the project is a fly by the seat of my pants kinda thing. So I had to get the cad thing and try my hand at it, just in case it turns out nice enough that someone else may want to try it.

                      I have read so many post about brakes that I cant remember who said it, ( it is critical to have the holes for the handle lined up right on the money with the edge of the table ). As I am on do-over # 2 with my holes. This time I got them right on. A project is way more fun when everything lines up right and fits the first time. I plan to put together a couple pages of the finished drawings after I make sure it all works right, along with the thickness that I can effectively bend. My kids come over this fri and sat so I wont get a chance to work on it untill sun. But the kids come first.



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                        tom, thanks for the drawing, and can't wait to see more!! Let us know what you are able to bend with it (as showing pics of that also!!!)
                        thanks again,


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                          Originally posted by Bert View Post
                          tom, thanks for the drawing, and can't wait to see more!! Let us know what you are able to bend with it (as showing pics of that also!!!)
                          thanks again,
                          Please keep going, very interested.


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                            Nice job. Are you sure that it won't bow in the middle with thicker stuff? The one I built is out of 1/4" and gusseted. It still bows on 12 gauage. Let me know, cause I need to build a better one!


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                              Tom, nice cad drawing.
                              What program did you use?

                              I have to get into that sort of thing



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