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Strange noise in Syncrowave 200

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  • Strange noise in Syncrowave 200

    Can anyone with a sync 200 try this & see if the welder makes a hissing noise.

    Set welder for about 100 amps, press peddle fully & see if machine makes a hissing noise ?

    Was trying to find reason for porosity all of a sudden.

    Was adjusting gas flow & noticed this hissing noise, thought may be a leaking hose, so took side cover off.
    Hose is fine, noise that sounds like a leak is coming from the center area of machine.

    This may be a normal noise , but just was not noticed before.

    Welder worked fine a couple days before, now all welds are full of porosity.
    Still have 500psi of gas ?

    Just dont know what problem is.

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    that is your post flow after the weld it will keep the gas on tell the weld cools down so that your welld wont get eny ketamine's.


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      The weld puddle pops & bubbles during the weld, so post flow shouldnt be the problem


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        Did you accidently replace the tank with the rong gas? What are you running your gas at? What type and size of cup are you using? Did you check the hoses for leaks, holes, or cuts? What is the metal your welding on and is it clean or full of oil, rust, grease, grime, etc.....? Is the back cap and collet body on the torch tightened properly? All things to consider.


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          I do the same thing to let the pressure out of my machine at the end of the day...Turn off the gas, hit the pedal, etc. The hissing I hear is the gas don't hear it when actually welding.

          Anyway, there's a gas solenoid in there somewhere that may be the problem.

          The fact that's it's not welding right means you probably have a gas flow problem. It might be that your close to being out of gas, the flowmeter isn't adjusted properly, the bottle is only barely open, aforementioned solenoid, etc.

          Check, and double check the valves and settings, turn them up, down and back to normal, remove the torch and blow out the line (gently), verify gas is coming out when you hit the pedal, and go from there.


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            high flow rate = loud solenoid

            whats the flow rate set at??? are you using a gas lens ?too high of a flow can cause turbulence and suck in oxygen that will cscrew up the weld fast.
            500 psi is getting purity low for argon, what size tank are you using??
            other possible causes of gas contamination.
            is the valve on the tank is all the way open?? it must be tightly sealed all the way open, the argon tanks only seal if all the way open or all the way closed.
            the back cap is lose on the torch.
            the cup/seal are not seated properly.
            the gas line's connections are not all tight.start off with a spray bottle of win-dex or orange clean . spray down all connections, even the top of the tank valve handel( i had a leak there once). if nothing bubbles its not a leak causing the problem in the weld.
            also do not use PVC tape in any of the connections, they are presher fittings. tape is a no no!!

            any of the above could cause the bad welds.

            as for the noise ?? could just be normal solenoid flow noises, higher flow rates will make it louder and like said above you will generally not here it wile welding as you are buisy dealing with the weld.

            good luck, be shore to let us know how it all comes out.


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              Forgot to mention, hissing noise is when not striking an arc.
              Found noise while adjusting gas flow, not welding.

              Have side cover off & selinoid is not causing the noise, hissing is coming from center of machine.
              Even with gas flow cranked up , the only gas flow noise heard is at the torch.

              So if anyone trys this & hears a flow type hissing inside the machine this sound must be normal.

              BTW The gas has a very straight path in this machine
              In at seliniod at back, straight to torch fitting at front.
              Only sound made by gas system is a click at selinoid.


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                Found out your problem yet? Lot of new people buying or thinking of buying same machine. Would help if you fixed it in case they have the same problem...


                • #9
                  Are you sure it's not just the high frequency at the points?

                  My syncro 200 makes that noise when it's trying to start an arc. It's normal.


                  • #10
                    phila.renewal has the correct answer !

                    Ran into a Miller warrenty guy by accident, & was informed the hissing noise is the high frequency trying to start the arc.


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                      Well I am just really glad to have happened onto this thread. My month old Syncrowave 200 has been making the same sound and driving me nuts. I was sure that I had a gas leak, but how was that possible with the cylinder valve fully closed? Who would have thought that the points could make a sound that perfectly mimics a gas leak! Glad that I did not tear a new machine into a thousand pieces looking for a gas leak.


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                        Any guys with Sync 200's that can answer this?


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                          Originally posted by Bert View Post
                          Any guys with Sync 200's that can answer this?
                          Check posts 9 and 10.


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                            Originally posted by ttype View Post
                            Forgot to mention, hissing noise is when not striking an arc.
                            Originally posted by ttype View Post
                            phila.renewal has the correct answer !

                            Ran into a Miller warrenty guy by accident, & was informed the hissing noise is the high frequency trying to start the arc.
                            I think I under stand what you are saying. You stomp the foot feet to strike an arc but it doesnt strike, instead makes a hissing noise. You can also hold the torch in the air and it will make the same noise when you push down on the pedal (your neighboors will love you for that). That would be the HF. It will also make a noise kinda like that in AC, because the HF is on all the time in AC. The HF start the arc in DC then shuts off.


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                              Heres another vote for high frequency noise. Nothing to worry about unless you are a computer or a phone line.


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