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MM212 or MM252

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  • MM212 or MM252

    I have been procrastinating for the last few weeks over which one to get. As I wait for my lws to get some stock on these new units I have been looking over all the features of each. I was watching a online video of a welding instructor talking about the importance of finding a sweet spoot between the Voltage selection and Wire speed, he indicated that infinate control was important. One concern that I have mentioned on here before is the Tap Selection on the MM212. If this jumps in increments of 30, wouldn't this make it harder to find a balance between the two? (It would in my mind.) I know it has been said here before that the 212 with the Tap would be easier to set up. Starting off I could set up a 252 the same in increments of 30 until i get more experience then I would have the infinate control. Does that make sence?

    If I buy a MM252 I would have to hold off on buying a spoolgun due to $$$. Do I need this much power? (Probably not) It also comes with other features that I am not sure I would need or not, such as the timers set up, and the direct connect of a push pull gun. What do you think of these features?

    Another question is if I trade in the M-25 gun for the Bernard Q-300 which one should I get? I'm thinking the short gun, with the rotatable head, with the 45 bend in it....would this be a good choice?

    I hope to do something soon, analysisís paralysis is starting to set in!

    Any more help or opinions are greatly appriciated.

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    sorry about the caps accedent
    the tap is not a problem, you can fine tune it with the ws. i have used the MM210 and was suprised at how well it dialed in on 20gage, i see no problems with the tap. lots have the MM210 and have no problems with it eather. yes it will be easyer at the begining, no you wont miss not haveing infenet controle later. most of the time i dial in my MM135 with the ws any way.
    as for the features, you probly wont use or need them much less miss them. a push pull gun is verry expensive so unless you have a special need for it like lots of aluminum. the spoolgun will be fine. aluminum is cheaper in the big roles but will you be doing enough to justify adding a $1500 gun just to save $$ on a spool of wire. you better need lots of spools to cover that.
    i dont know what your use is for the welder but if its just home hobby stuff the MM212 should be more than enough welder for ya. skip the MM252 get the MM212 and spool gun and get welding.


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      I know that a few people on here have said that I was just reconfirming before spending all that money, I want to make only one purchase so I want to get it right the first time.

      What about the Bernard gun? Any one config better than the other?
      "Another question is if I trade in the M-25 gun for the Bernard Q-300 which one should I get? I'm thinking the short gun, with the rotatable head, with the 45 bend in it....would this be a good choice?"

      Thanks again....


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        i know several have changed out to Bernard gun's but not shore wich ones?? cant help much there sorry. take a look at there web site and see what looks like it will suit your needs, then see whats offerd as a swop. or maybe the other way around.


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