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Trailer ramp

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  • Trailer ramp

    Hi All. I purchased a used 5X10 open utility trailer the other day. It's built with all square tube. really nice. I want to put a ramp on it. The ramp will be 5' wide and about 4-5' long and will fold in the middle so it's not so high.. I will use the steel mesh on top. What material(ie tube, angle) and what guage should I use? I will be using it to load 500lb motorcycles and myself of course, so the total will be about 700 lbs. Thanks.

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    tail gate material

    I use 1"x2"x11 ga. box tube for my tailgates, but most production trailer shops use 14 ga. if they use box tube. A lot of them (production shops) use angle but it bends to easy for my liking. When I know someone is loading bikes on the trailers, I reinforce the gate accordingly so you are not putting too much stress on the expanded metal. Also it's a good idea to use 3/4 9 raised expanded for the covering, it will help give you grip when riding up the ramp. Most of the production guys use 3/4 9 flat expanded and it is too slippery to ride up. I am posting some pictures so you can see what I mean about reinforcement for the bike. Hope this helps you some, Dave
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      another idea for you

      The owner of the trailer wanted some wheel chocks for his bikes on his trailer, but didn't want the bolt on ones because he still used it for other purposes as well. What I did for him was to make some folding wheel chocks so he could still use the trailer with out having to do any extra work taking the bolt on chocks off and on. Dave
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        Nice trailers. Mine is similar to the blue one. I want to make the ramp fold in half. Do you think 1" tube would be strong enough?(I just happen to have some in stock). If not I have to get the expanded anyway and can pick up the 1X2. Thanks for the help.


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          strog enough

          It might be ok if you were just walking on it, but I wouldn't want to load 700 lbs. of motorcycle on 1" tube. I like my bike way to much to chance it on 1". Dave


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            You convinced me! I will splurge for some 1X2. How long is the ramp on your blue trailer? I really want to have it fold down in half if I can figure it out. Thanks again.
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              ramp gate

              I make most of my gates 4' tall.
              If I was doing your project here's what I would do. I would make the 2 two foot tall sections and hinge them so that it fold together and use the same type of pins that are in your hinges to attach the sides when opened. Does that make any sense? probably not, but at least I know what I'm talking about.Dave

              If you want I'll try to draw something up for you and send it in an e mail


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                That sounds good. If it's not too much trouble on the drawing, I would appreciate that.


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                  Some great ideas Dabar, especially the folding wheel chocks. Mind if I "steel" that idea for my next trailer?


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                    Just a couple of notes for convenience on ramp gates. I always build mine so that they can be taken off. I've seen a few that have permanent hinges. It's fine if you are only going to be loading wheeled items on it. Also, double check your gate to bed angle and the ground clearance of your bike(s) My cruiser sits pretty low and I have to jack the tongue up on one trailer I have before loading it. Otherwise it will bottom out on the back of the trailer when it goes over. SSS


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                      trailer ramp

                      SkidSteerSteve brought up a point I forgot to mention about tailgate angle. If the top of your trailer deck is 16" or lower 4' will be o.k. Anything over 16" and you will need to go longer or jack the front of the trailer as mentioned by SkidSteerSteve. Dave


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                        It's 18" at level. I guess a 4 1/2' should do it. Thanks again everyone.


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                          mattf301, I tried to load my cad software in this new computer and am still having problems with it operating properly. When I can get it to operate correctly I will send you some drawings if you still need them. Dave


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                            great looking trailors. how do the folding wheel shucks work?? do they fold back into the bed or do you take them out and flip them or some thing?? i think i just figured it out but you could still share the it just held at the angel by the wooden deck or do you have some thing built into the hinge to stop it at 110%?? man you make nice stuff. i'm going to remake my quad trailor and some wheel stops would be nice. being as its going to be 2 quads deep i will need to run over the first set to get onto the trailor
                            as for the removable gate, what do you use just a large pull out pin in the hinges????


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                              The wheel chocks have another piece (not pictured) that attaches and holds it stable. With the piece (not pictured) removed you simply fold the wheel stop over flush to the deck. The chocks are mounted to the trailer frame and are permanently attached, no need to remove them, just fold em down. As for the hinges I use 3/4" i.d. seamless tubing to make my hinge barrels and 3/4" round stock for the hinge pins, I weld a washer onto one end and I drill the other end of the pins for removable clips to hold it in place.
                              I've attached pictures of a double quad trailer that you may be interested in, it's a side load trailer. Dave
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                              Last edited by dabar39; 07-06-2007, 08:10 AM. Reason: found another side loader I've done and added it as pic #5


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