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My "mini-lab" and some project pics

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  • My "mini-lab" and some project pics

    This is why i love my DX.. I can have it on the job or at the shop all day, then bring it home and hook it up in my "mini-lab" in the basement. Of course i have t drive to use my mill, lathe, large compressor and bandsaw.

    BUt with a 200DX, Grinder, Buffer, 140A MIG, Chop saw, Drill, some air tools and a small compressor and a good assortment of hand tools i can still do quite a bit of work from home on days i don't feel like dealing with driving to the shop and dealing with the hassles of sharing space with another company(he's a friend and i always end up helping him get caught up all day)

    I used a few straight posts to get them all in...

    First, here's the "welding station" Since the TIG is so clean i run it in my basement from the 220 outlet,

    I also keep my grinder, buffer, hand held 4'' grinder, drill, rotozip and an assortment of clamps and other various welding needs and a Tap & Die set for threading work that are not pictured

    EDIT: The "Gas TAble" is something i came up with that serves 2 purposes. 1.) it's deisgned to be teh opposite of a heat sink and with very little surface area for contact it should not draw too much heat from the part. 2.) With the addition of an "IN" and "out" fitting at opposite ends of the "maze" i will pump argon through it and set flat parts on top of it with 16g steel sheet blocking off open areas so that the gas can't get blown out or escape exceptin the controlled manner in which i desinged teh "baffles/maze" to do
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    Some small projects that resulted in my constant need to throw arcs and burn rods

    These are of a little dog made from transmission parts from a 71 honda Z50a motor i had laying in the basemnt with a blown 2nd gear and oil drive gear. Then the last 3 are just challenges set upon myself after reading of tales of "razor blades edge to edge" and "a razor blade to a boat anchor" so i'm working on those as well when i'm bored.

    Th3 dog's head tilts from side to side like they do when they hear a weird noise (it's based off our mini-pin doggy ) The tail is connected by gears and a shaft through bearings that will drive the tail when the head is turned (when i get it done)
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      Here's some of the starting frame for 12-o'clock bars for small stunt bikes based on CRF 50's outfitted for adults. I've been making these for years and sleling them on forums based around 50stunting.

      I decided to make one from stainless steel for myself just to have and to use to make a new jig since mine is about shot after 5 years of use.

      Also some closeups of some of the welds where i was playing with the colors a little. This was at 180 amps availabl usually running in th 165 range and trying to keep the HAZ small. I know they aren't the most uniform but i was talking with a friend while eating when i was making these :P
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        and more pics of the welds........... The aluminum pic is the difference between 60 and 200HZ at 160 AMPs on 1/4'' 6061 running at 85% EN balance on both. (the pic was named wrong) There's also a pic of some undercut where i rounded a corner not backing off teh amps because of the eating/chatting i was also doing
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          119 views and not a single response I feel lonely hahaha..

          Seriously though, i was hoping for some feed-back good or bad..anyone???


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            Ok, I'll go first.

            I think you have a sick fetish for razor blades.

            I also think that all of that tiny welding practice will make you a very good weldor. Learning that thin stuff teaches puddle control and it will pay off down the road. Anyone can 'pedal up' and TIG 3/16" mild steel.
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              Thanks for the compliments/encouragement.... I Do have a stainless and aluminum fetish... the thinner the better for practice, hence the multiple razor blades welded together. I make batches of them to hand out with my cards so that people can have some "samples" of my capabilitites/ I also hand out a piece of 2 x 4'' "coupons" made from 2 pieces of 2x2'' 6061 with a but joint and beads on all edges at different widths to show more capabilities. I tend to get very personal with potential clients and when i don't have time to take them on "the tour" i just keep these things with me for them to take home and inspect.. This usually gets me either a "WOW..never seen that!" or .."when can you come by and look at what i need done" which is a good thing.

              I'm buying my first OA setup in the morning.. I've had one at my disposal forever until just yesterday when the shop i was renting space from and working at part time informed all of us that they were filing backruptcy becaus the owner screwed off about 40 thousand dollars in bills from his suppliers and breaced his franchise contract with the "metal supermarkets" comapny So now i need my own, but i don't know how i'm going to get by with out the hydraulic shear that cuts my plate and stuff, also lost acess to the hydraulic punch for making bolt hole

              Gotta go get teh last few things of mine in the shop before it's closed for good in the AM


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                Well, I got the OA setup and am happy with it.. but tonight i was able to work on some new projects.

                I got a spare SW200 gas hose that a guy replaced when bying the machine (wanted a 25 not two 12's) So i set about making one of my spare power cable connectors into a TIG torch connector. With some brass parts, a few thread taps and a little thought later i know ihave a compelte spare TIG torch..I used push to lock fittings for the gas feed and 5/8 flared pipe thread fittings

                I"ll get pics up tomorrow.


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