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Bad day at the Homestead

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  • Bad day at the Homestead

    I had to do a project today that I never want to do again.

    Early this morning I heard a racket outside, dogs start barking, I jump up throw on some clothes real quick and go outside to see what's going on. Made it outside in time to watch both of my cats chase a Possum out of the trash can and into the street, the possum made it across, the girls did not.

    Both of my girls were hit by the same car, both died instantly, both will be missed tremendously. They were sisters and did everything as a team, I figured it best to bury them as a team. They were just barely 4 years old.

    Here is the Cross I made to mark their Grave site. I made a spot to place their vaccination tags in the center of the cross. You'll notice only one at the moment belonging to Libby hanging there, I will be getting a replacement tag for Matty and placing it on there later as hers was damaged real bad.Name:  1def853533aa34ac08de045062a5c9be.jpg
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    Also sorry to here of your loss. Our dog is close to us & just like a member of the family.


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      Very sorry about your loss dabar.........If you love your pets as I do mine, I know how you feel. If you see my site and see the memorials in the name of
      KATO.....a CHOW of mine...........Skippy and Sherry.........two ponies of mine...Hootie...another Chow of mine......Miko.....another Chow of mine. That
      is why I started doing the memorial plaques. I use to do them by hand and when I built the CNC, I can make them a lot nicer. My pets are my family also. Sorry again


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        dabar, I'm sorry to hear about your cats. I too own a cat and never thought that I would be so attached to a pet. The cross is a very nice memorial to them.


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          Sorry to hear about that. I lost my Golden Retriever about 2 1/2 years ago and one of my daughters cats earlier this spring. It sucks - not a day goes by that I don't think about them. Like Monte55 and metal-doctor said - they are family. I'm sure they had a good life. I'm also a firm believer that God judges one's soul by the way they treat their pets. The best thing for me to do was to, not replace them, but rather add more members of the family....
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            Yep, it's real tuff to lose them pets, sorry to hear about that.


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              Sorry for your loss. I lost my dog many years ago and still teared up, remembering to tell the vet to give him his last shot.


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                Gash darn that sucks, I hate to say it but I am tearing up just thinking about how hard it would be loosing my best friend Daisy(I have not and hope I never do, but know the day will come sometime). I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

                I don't have any pictures free. But I will share tomorrow.


                -Added pics of "The Duke" as in Daisy Duke.
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                  well that just plain sucks.



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                    I read that a little too fast the first time and I thought you lost your daughters.
                    Sorry to hear about you loss they remind me of my aunts cat that passed some time ago. She was a stray that moved in with them and stayed until here final days some 14 human years later.

                    Very beautiful cross.


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                      I have 3, one for over 10 years. I know that pain because I grew up next to highway. I keep them all inside because of a loss maybe 15 years ago that's really too bad to talk about.

                      I saw a good deal of death when I was an EMT. Some were "frequent flyers" that I'd get to know very well before they died. But there's something about the death of a loyal pet that is only rivaled by that of a family member. I suppose that's because they really are family members. My brother has punched me, my sister has yelled and cussed me, but my cats have never stopped loving me for a second.

                      ...except maybe when the oldest one climbed on my computer monitor and pissed in it to show me how jealous she was when we brought a second cat in!

                      Anyway, they really are family and having experienced that loss, I can offer only my condolances, and the thought that they were happy and vigorously at play doing "cat things" right til the end. And judging by your memorial, they had the kind of loving home that not every cat gets.

                      Hopefully, you can let another cat into your heart and home soon so they can share their life and love with you.


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                        sorry to hear of your lose.
                        great looking cross.
                        pets are more important than we give them credit for.
                        last week my female bull-mastiff went into heat.
                        2 days later her and the boy were gone ??
                        they ate threw the fence or some other did?? no sign of them. checked all the local places no luck ??
                        we hope they show up again. its hard to imagen them not being here, just not right.
                        we have a few cats, mostly a male that calls our place home when he is in the mood for a store bought meal. and a female that just had kittens. the went onto solid food about a week ago and are already enjoying the local field mice. mom brings them home and the lil kittens go to town on them. thought there little belies were going to pop the other day. right after my wife fed them mom came home with a batch of field mice and the kittens went in for seconds. big bellies and lazy kittens after that it was nap time.
                        seems to be a bad week for pets.
                        here is a few pic's of our lil kittens.
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                          nice memorial.

                          sorry to hear about your loss.

                          my dad started our company in 1968 and had a hand in everything we do. When we come to a crossroads, we always ask ourselves, "What would Clark do?"

                          he was cremated when he died and we plan on building a work table out of 1" plate and storing the other half of his remains there. may sound odd but it makes us feel better......


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                            That is sad news indeed. Really like the fleur-de-lis ornaments on the cross.


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                              sorry for your loss buddy, that sucks.


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