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MIG Beads Critique

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  • MIG Beads Critique

    Ok as much as this may shatter my confidence of being a compitent welder as well as bruise my fragile ego, tell me what ya think. Never gonna get better at something unless somebody shreads up your work once in a while. Let it rip fellas!

    Welds with a MM180 75/25 at 20 mild steel .12 wall 2x2 square tube can't remember off the top of my head what the settings were, but they would have been set of the chart with the feed rate towards the lower end.

    Thanks in advance for the critique's
    Last edited by SinGear; 09-17-2008, 10:41 AM.

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    Looks good to me, now do 900 more of them...Bob


    • #3
      Thanks, that was actually #902 I think I'm gettting the hang of it haha


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        Sin- try so resize the Pics for better viewing and some members are still on Dial Up.


        • #5
          Didn't know how to, well that and I figured it would be easier for your old eyes to see the bead.

          Don't you have a TV stand to make swivel


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            D@mmit now its too small, happy now Ed? I got on a photo editing forum and got lambasted by some guy for asking how to resize a pic LMFAO!


            • #7
              I just use Photo Bucket for hosting.

              My screen is 24"

              The Tv don't need no stinking swivel- 42" Flat screen = great viewing from all angles


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                I use it too just never noticed the re-size option, guess that's a down fall of havin a super b1tchen camera

                Don't flaunt your 24" I'm runnin dual 22's so there

                Well if your not gonna do a swivel how about accuators and a lift to drop down into a cabinet, super custom competition sport modified haha


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                  Welds don't look bad at all. Another 900 or so and you'll be ready for the mig cart everyone wants to build. Just kidding. Good job.

                  Like the sense of humor.

                  Got any extra decoder rings laying around? (I could use one to figure out what some posters are asking)


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                    Weld quality

                    The only real way to check your weld penetration, is to cut it. Appearance looks good, but didn't see much undercut.


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                      No problem with a C25 (75%Argon,25%CO2) being stored/used at 22 degrees.

                      I would think that a CO2 bottle would be alright also, but, since it's a liquid under pressure, I wouldn't go any more than that.

                      Most gasses (O2, Hydrogen, Helium) can be stored at an angle.

                      You do not want to lay an acetylene bottle on it's side since it contains acetone.

                      Propane also should be stored/used upright since it's in liquid form.


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                        Originally posted by lanceman73 View Post
                        The only real way to check your weld penetration, is to cut it. Appearance looks good, but didn't see much undercut.
                        Very true, however seeing as how that's the frame jig for my motorcycle, I believe I'll lay a couple coupon beads and hack those up.

                        On a serious note though, what do you mean by undercut? I'm headed to the glossary of terms so I may answer my own question before you get back.


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                          Originally posted by SundownIII View Post

                          No problem with a C25 (75%Argon,25%CO2) being stored/used at 22 degrees.
                          How is it you managed to leave off the only other bottle I have, Argon 100% which I'm gonna go with ok on as well


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                            Originally posted by curly
                            That's hilarious, never heard it before. Could you please post it on a couple a threads we have going around here

                            And also, what's a coupon bead?
                            Coupons= small pieces you practice/ test on


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                              Originally posted by Old Sporty
                              NOT COOL!!! AND ALSO NOT FUNNY!!!!
                              Sporty, hey sorry if that offended you, I have a couple of friends as well as a family member that is mentally challenged as well as physically and yet joke quite freely about their disablities. Sometimes you have to joke about life and what it deals ya rather than treating it like the pink elephant in the room.


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