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Last nights project (frame jig)

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  • Last nights project (frame jig)

    Just thought I'd share last nights project. I've had the material for a bit and finally had a little time to build it. It's a chopper frame jig that hopefully sometime in the near future will have the making of a bike on it.

    And thats that so hopefully I will continue to post up my progress as I go.

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    Cool I look forward to seeing the progress.

    Did you draw the plans up yourself or buy them somewhere?


    • #3
      Thanks, I wouldn"t hold your breath on the progress $$$ will be the issue but for now I have what I need to start bending up the frame.

      As far as the plans I got them from this site, free kinda a back yard builder site that helps out the little guys either weekend warriors or small time builders. Check it out.


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        Cool site!
        So are you just planning on building one bike or are there more in the works?!
        I'd love to build my own bike but like you $$$ is always an issue, that at the fact that I don't really NEED a bike.
        But I'm pretty sure I'll waste some time surfing the various drawings on that site and dreaming a little bit!


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          At this point pretty much just plannin on one, but then again who knows I suppose if people started askin where I got it it might mean I did something right and nothing would make me happier than to be able to do something like that for a living.

          Ya always need a bike haha, yeah money will be the issue but I'm gonna try to keep it stripped to keep cost down and thats the style I like. Right now my biggest dilema is which frame, it's a toss up between the 250 with the single down tube or the 220.


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            Yeah I was going to ask which frame you wanted to build.
            Hmm tough call, it's whatever your preference is I guess.
            Like I said I look forward to seeing the build.


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              Originally posted by c wagner View Post
              Hmm tough call, it's whatever your preference is I guess.
              Yeah but I think in actuallity money may dictate the frame choice. I think it'll be easier to wrangle parts for a 200 or 220 then the 250. If I end up doing the 250 in my mind it limits me to a Baker tranny because they build an offset so you don't have to offset it and throw off the balance of the bike. I think their the only ones, but I could be wrong.


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                I'm pretty much a rookie around here, so feel free to ignore this advice. In your photos you have a lot of flammable stuff and misc. garage "stuff" in pretty close quarters. I would move a lot of that out of the way before you start welding. About twice a year around here, I read in the paper about some guy who burned his house down while welding.


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                  Haha well if you also notice amongst the "stuff" there's a fire extinguisher as well. I weld on the steel plate for small stuff or the concrete with the larger stuff, but if you have your gas adjusted properly there is little to no secondary sparks, but thanks for the concern.

                  Besides you know your a welder if "someone shouts, your on fire," and you calmly reply, "I know."


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