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  • Quick useful helper

    My tig torch is very light and the weight of its cable keeps pulling it off the welding table just about breaking the cup. A while back some guys posted
    pics of a torch holder with a magnetic base. I think they were just for a horz flat surface. Then I had an idea to make one but a little more versatile. I took an inexpensive magnetic base, for dial indicaters, took the adjustable arm off leaving the tightening knob on. I then formed a piece of 3/8 round which fits the bore on the base to hold my torch. It can hold your torch or mig gun in just about any position and on round as well as flat steel. This might be helpful for people doing roll cages in the vehicle. Here is some pics.
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    Last edited by monte55; 06-29-2007, 10:23 PM.

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    nice lil gaget.
    i just slip mine ito a pice of pipe atached to a magnet. your's is much fancyer.


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      thats cool . i need ta make one


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        torch holder

        monte55, Nice tool you've come up with. I use a pair of 6" welding clamps for mine, but now I've gotta make one like yours, it's not like I don't have enough projects already. Dave


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          Tig torch

          Hey that's pretty cool good thinking.A stick anywhere base


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              Without much effort you could probably make some money marketing your invention.

              Thanks for sharing.


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                Originally posted by JonnyTIG View Post
                Without much effort you could probably make some money marketing your invention.

                Thanks for sharing.
                make me first on the list .


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                  it's not like I don't have enough projects already.
                  never have truer words been spoken. seems like every time i go in the shop lately i have 4 more things to do then i have time for.
                  i still have not had a chance to get the shop reorganized, stupid fron axel fell apart on my rideing mower last night. could they possibly make this stuff any cheaper????
                  what ever you do dont buy a husky from TSC. its been designed to fall apart. and i didnt even get the cheap one, just think what that would have been like.


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                    I like it, did you enter it in the weekend welder challenge? looks like it could be a contender


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                      Projects for the challenge need to include welding in their assembly


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                        ok , so cut it in 1/2 and weld it back togather .LOL

                        i enterd this holder for the contest, but its to hold a tab or small part in place wile you tig it, or if its for aluminum where a standerd magnet wont work. we all know what a magnet dose to the TIG arc this take the magnet out of TIG interfearence range and still alows you to hold the part.
                        i'll post some more pic's in my own post so i dont hijack your with it though.
                        thats a great TIG torch holder. i think we have all droped our torch off the tabel atleast once.
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                          great idea!


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