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pipe jack stands

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  • pipe jack stands

    i know simple project for most, but anybody got pics handy? What did you use for the stand? Pipe, tubing or both. Used all thread for the screw? Seems that they can be built for alot cheaper than bought.



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    I just built 8 new jacks made from square tubing standing 3' tall. They are not adjustable. I only built these so when I build my trailers I dont have to use mik crates etc... anymore.

    I have some adjustable ones I'm making cut up right now just needing to be welded. I'm using stainless tubing 1" diameter cut 20" in lenght. The legs are 36" in lenght and cut at a 45 degree angle on both sides so they fit flush on the floor. The top piece of the jack is welded to all thread and there is a nut that I have welded some handles on to either eleveate or depress the jacks.


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      adjustable stand

      I made a couple of these stands for my shop. We use them daily for just about everything. I plan to make at least four more when time allows.

      If I remember correctly, the base is 3/8" x 2 flat bar.
      The thread is something like 1.25".
      You could make them from just about anything, but I made these pretty heavy so they don't move around on me.
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        Those are nice. I wish I had used flat bar for my legs instead of square tubing.


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          thanks guys

          need to make some to be able to lay out some trusses/ rafters. Seems like that'll be the easiest way square and level it all out.


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            I would plan on making at least six while you're at it. For certain projects, I use these instead of a welding table. Looking back, the time spent making them was time well spent as they have become an invaluable addition the chop.

            I only made two because we had three or four other "factory" made pipe stands. We always reach for the ones we made because they are more stable, heavier and just plain easier to use.
            I wish we had made more in the run.

            Good luck and have fun.


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              I'd suggest you do a search on "boat stands" on the internet.

              Think it will give you some good ideas about how different manufacturers approach the build.

              Funny that this thread should appear. Just yesterday I started "rebuilding" about a dozen stands at our boatyard. Over the years the bases (bottom 2-3 inches) tend to rust out from sitting in the weather and often on wet ground. Have to cut the bottom 2-3" off and reweld the bottom braces.

              There are different manufacturers out there building stands, but I've had the best luck with stands from Brownell or Hostar.

              Just as a side comment, I've had better luck with three legged stands than I have with 4 sided stands. A three legged stand will sit firm on less than perfectly level ground/floor, whereas a 4 legged stand needs a level base.


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                Originally posted by RoughneckDave View Post
                Seems that they can be built for alot cheaper than bought.



                It all depends on what you time is worth.
                If you have a solid workload and are billing out your time at a reasonable rate, say $80 - $100 per hour, you can't even begin to make pipe jacks, just buy them and get to work.
                If you're sitting around the house with nothing to do, then maybe you can get off the couch and make them and come out ahead.

                Time is money, unless your unemployed.



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                  I agree, depending on the type of stands you can buy good ratcheting automotive for 50 a set for 8 ton, less for 3 T. There are some slight differences between brands. When the question is can I make it cheaper usually without looking the answer can be no 90% of the time. I definitely figure the time and materials and price ready made first.


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