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coffee table 4 computer desk

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    I hear ya about the cost! All that filing and stuff, $2/hr. sounds about right!!!
    let me know when you get the other info
    Saw transformers last week, and Harry Potter today for my wife's birthday.
    Transformers was much better.


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      hey y`all got my coon coffe table done painted plexy glass cutt every thing


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        Hey James,

        I work with a lot of ex-Military guys . . really nice folks



        • #64
          pictures please?


          • #65
            finaly checked the thickness, well kinda. couldnt find my gage??

            the steel is a little over 1/16 inch. so break out your conversion charts.
            its not really as bad a $2 but its not great by the time you buy the steel, Trace the design, go back over it with an engraver, plasma cut it (don't forget consumables expense), file it , weld it, then paint it. ok maybe it is $2Hr.
            i made a special order for a lady that wanted one without the flag holder part just the wall mount plaque part. drooped it off at the flag store (veterans outreach store) and she was a no show on coming back for it. i should have known her hubby thought it was too much $$ , but she seemed really sincere about wanting it so i made it anyway.
            i ended up sending it to Andy for his shop, don't know if it ever made it onto the wall??
            the only really good thing i can say for them is they gave me some thing to do to keep from going nuts and i really enjoy making them. not to mention every one that did get out there will probably help teach one or more of our younger generation what the price really was for there happy go lucky way of life.


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              Wireburner and James,
              since there wasn't any real intrest in coasters except you 2 and weld13's excuse to go to wallmart , your coffee tables were very cool! How 'bout I send you guys a box of Hawaiian chocolate?! That will at least appease your wives/girlfriends???
              send me an e-mail to:


              • #67
                Hey Bert

                I sent you a e-mail with all of the info thanks alot


                • #68
                  My pleasure, Kudos for a job well done!


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                    transformer's and new die hard movies

                    the transformer's and new die hard movies are great, well werth seeing. i'm a big fan of harry potter books, got all of them on CD's so i can listen to the storry wile i work in the shop but the movies. what a dissapointment, they really destroide the thing when they let that hack make the movies his way. they just keep getting worse every time. not shore if we will even buy the move when it comes out on CD, defenetly going to rent it first. its so far off of the book its stupid. the hole storry plays out wrong in the movies due to some stupid omishons that change the hole feel of the move and then some additions that just really throw it off corse. its a shame realy it could have been as good as the loard of the rings movies.but we have come to not expect too much from the movies now, the new book on CD however we are really looking forward to. i supose i should consider growing up, buuuut....
                    it is a good story in the book form.

                    anyway, i took yesterday off to do some much needed recooperating, been going a lil too much.


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