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  • Suggestions..?!?!

    Anyone have any feedback on this

    I have a 2004 Miller Bobcat 250 that I picked up at the beginning of the year with only 70 hours for $1500.00. ( It now has 81 hours ) I have a Miller 130 wire feed and was thinking of getting the passport and selling my Miller 130. I purchased the Miller Bobcat 250 for my Water Truck and my snow removal business. And would like to be able to wire feed in the field if I had to. I just purchased the Spectrum Extreme 375 Plasma and really like the option to run 110 or 220V. The 110/220V option and on board portable gas cylinder is a selling point for me on the Millermatic Passport. Thanks for any input.....

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    for portability the passport cant be beat. its gotten great reviews on all points except the M-10 gun choice. the gun is the only area that has gotten any complaints. the passport in general is a good solid portable unit well werth the $$ if you need portability.
    its been run hard by a few of the members and they were verry impressed with its abilitys. all in all its a great choice, you should be verry happy with it.


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      almost forgot, welcome to the board. great bunch of guys here with lots of good info to share.


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        Thanks for the quick reply Fun4Now. And thanks for the warm welcome.



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          no problem. i have no life, so i'm always on here. and its always good to have new people. more poeple means more good imput.


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            Quite a few of us have Passports, myself included. Ditch the M10 gun and get a Bernard or whatever else you prefer. I've had lots of trigger issues with my UN-abused M10 gun.

            The Passport is the class of the field in portable steel GMAW. Get extra CO2 cylinders, a bulk tank and a paintballer's refill kit.

            I'd sell mine for $950 with six cylinders and the refill kit. But you'll want to replace the gun as the trigger still acts up occassionally. I'm moving overseas sometime in the next few weeks, or I wouldn't be selling it.


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              Why does this forum give me an "error on page" after writing and trying to submit three paragraphs? It did it to me last night, too, and only this forum.


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                The Passport is the class of the field and alone in its capabilities when it comes to portable steel GMAW.

                Ditch the factory gun and go with a Bernard or whatever aftermarket brand you prefer. Eventually Miller will realize the cheap M10 was a bad idea on this class of machine.

                Get extra cylinders and a paintballer's refill kit and a bulk tank.

                I'd sell mine with six cylinders and the refill kit for $950. I'm moving overseas in a few weeks or wouldn't sell it. It does have occasional trigger issues, but is working fine again after my last repair to the trigger's wires. I have a 50# bulk tank, too, if you're local.

                EDIT, it only gives me problems, it seems when I try to edit.


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                  Okay, it only gives the "error on page" when you try to edit a post. No matter what, even if you make no changes. Sorry for the double posting.


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                    nine dose the same thing when edditing, you need to go into the advanced eddit then it wont do it. not shore why??
                    i have several othere small isues with this site that are not on the motorsports one just this one, the cut off smilies is one of then. anyway i too have to go into the "go advanced" part in order to avoid the error page and get a good post.
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                      thats a great deal on the passport. wish i could get the $$ togather to get it from ya.


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                        wow! where you off to and for how long? Doing ministry construction work?
                        If so, why don't you take it with you?


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