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need plans for band roller

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  • need plans for band roller

    i am wanting to build a roller to roll 1/4 x2 and 1/2 round bar can any one help me with this?

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    Grab a beverage and start reading

    Worked yesterday ??

    Anyhoo just search "Ring Roller"

    No direct link but there are tons of them around here.
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      I bought a roller on e-bay for under $100. It cost almost as much to ship it as it did for the machine so I was in under $180 or so. Now, I can't build a roller for $180. I've seen others here who've done the same, often modifying the machine to suit their specific needs. I made some dies to roll square tubing for a specific job.

      Coincidentally, I was just out looking at that very machine because I need to roll 5" wide material x 3/16" thick. Too wide for this machine, and too thick for my ancient slip-roll. So... Imagonna make meez a macheen to do the job.

      Shouldn't be too difficult... just might take some muscles to make 'er go round. So... bigger wheel or gear reduction... or... work out the ol' guns. I'll probably go with big wheel for now 'cause I gotta get 'er done, dawg.

      Just read the literature that Broccoli posted. MMMMM.... beverage....

      What kinds of bends are you looking to do? I ask because I used to do all my bending with out any rollers or bending machines. Just some forms and some leeeeverage. You'd be surprised.


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        nothing opens in that link


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          chris*** - check your pm


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            i also got mine off e-bay many years ago. same one as HF offers i think. its a simple design, shouldn't be hard to make, just the rollers would be the hard part to make without a metal lath.
            some of the bender manufactures offer up do it your self designs that will work with their die's. i posted a pic of one of those designs.
            and a break down drawing i made of the one i have. and a few pic's of mine. hope its some help.
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              Click this link on the JH Choppers Site, its a ring rollor from the Hobart Welding Fourm.



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                shop made roller

                Originally posted by chris***@sbcglo View Post
                Coincidentally, I was just out looking at that very machine because I need to roll 5" wide material x 3/16" thick. Too wide for this machine, and too thick for my ancient slip-roll. So... Imagonna make meez a macheen to do the job.
                Almost done with the macheen. Rollers and bearings are complete; I just need to zip up the frame, assemble it, make a handle, and roll something to make sure it works.

                I've been busy on other projects, but I should have it together early next week when time allows. I'll post the process and results then; at that point, all the armchair experts can tell me what I did wrong and how I could have made it better... but I'll be too busy rolling stuff to care.

                Gee.... I hope it works.


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                  almost there...

                  Well, this thing's been coming together in bits and pieces of time and material. I've been nibbling away on it in spare moments, but I have to give many thanks to my father, who machined all the roller components (rollers, bearing housings, bushings, etc.). Hopefully I can get him back in here to jig up the frame for me so all I have to do is zip it up with the welder. Thanks, dad!

                  1) Had the 1/2 x 4 flat bar for the frame. Cut to length.
                  2) The "plans." This is about as close to a "plan" you're gonna get out of me, so I hope the pics will tell the story.
                  3) Thanks, dad!
                  4) Rollers complete with bearings, and home-made pillow blocks.
                  5) I actually had these 1" holes cut on the water-jet. I piggy backed them on another project I had going with my water-jet source.
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                    more pics

                    1) drive roller mocked up.
                    2) Ummm.. what's next?
                    3) Gonna need a handle. 1" x .090 round tube.
                    4) 4 feet fits my table perfectly.
                    5) Makin' it work. Mano a mano.

                    Thanks for looking.
                    Hopefully this thing will finish itself soon.
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                      Well, I managed to zip up the frame and seemed to keep it all pretty true in the process.

                      I tacked up this tubular base with wheels, but I may need to bolt it down like a real machine... we'll see.

                      I've just gotta flip the hand wheel and weld the underside in the morning, then I s'ppose I could finally roll something.

                      If this thing no worky, I'll quietly bow out of the forum and purchase myself a plate roller, complete with motor... ... which I'll probably purchase in the future, but this little guy should get me by for a while.
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                        Looks good- what did you use to Roll the Wheel?


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                          Originally posted by Broccoli1 View Post
                          Looks good- what did you use to Roll the Wheel?
                          Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

                          I used the same ring roller that you have. I used the dies for 1" square tubing for 1" round, which turned into a small disaster because, as one would expect , the round expanded and kept getting pinched in the dies and made it extremely difficult to roll. It all worked out in the end; I just got a good workout myself.


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                            The roller is done. I'm already rolling the pieces I need for my current project, so I didn't even give it a paint job.

                            This thing ROCKS.

                            I'll post pictures sometime tonight or tomorrow... suckers.

                            I'm really stoked we made this. I'll go into more details of just how cool it is later.

                            My only regret is that I didn't make it wider.

                            I hope you all can get some ideas and learn from any mistakes I made along the way.


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                              It sure turned out nice! Post some pics of the work product too.


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