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Hand Grinder Suggestions, Please

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  • Hand Grinder Suggestions, Please

    I'm new to welding. I'm taking a MIG class and need to purchase an electric hand grinder. I like Milwaukee Electric's line of grinders and was set to buy its 13 AMP model, but it's too heavy for me. Milwaukee has a number of lighter weight grinders, but they have lower amperage. What amperage is adequate? There's an 8.5 AMP model. Do you think that's sufficient? Thanks.

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    Take a look at the DeWalt 28402, I have several and they are great for the money and have 12 amps.
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      Originally posted by Sundown View Post
      Take a look at the DeWalt 28402, I have several and they are great for the oney ahd have 12 amps.
      thats what I have and love it!


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        welcome aboard

        if you are talking home use, an 8.5 will be fine. i have 2 portacables that are 6.5amp i think and i have had then for several years now. i think any thing above 6 amps should be fine for home use. more important after you get over 6 amps is going to be feel and whats comfortable to you to use. quality is also important. the millwwauki brand is good quality, only disslike seems to be the cord, but thats an easy fix if you have problems with it. i also have 2 of the cheepo wallmart black and deckers not werth the $30 realy save up another $20 and get the green version if you have to go that way.the cheaper B&D's last about 6 months then the screws start falling out of the head and its all down hill from there. but the green pro grade ones have gotten good reviews. i also just tonight got a craftsmen 7amp version. time will tell if it holds up but it looks solid and 7 amps will be plenty for home shop use. if its for a work truck and daily use for the job you might want more.
        the dewalts have a good reputation also i would have loved one of them but just didnt have the $$ if i dont like the craftsmen i'll return it for a dewalt later when i have the extra $$.the rigid brand is also getting good reviews as a discount version of the metabo. so if its in your price range and you like the feel it would suit your needs also.
        some have paddle wsitches and others locking slid switches, so think about that also when choseing. best to get one thats going to feel comfortable to use.
        lots of guys have several as its easyer and faster to switch out grinders then to mess around changing atachments every time you go fron a grinding disk to a flap wheel then again when you want a whire wheel.i'm up to 5 now but one of my B&D's just lost another screw from the head tonight so its soon to bite the dust. the first pic is the new craftsmen 7 amp, 2nd pic is my other 4 on my tool hanger.
        welding becomes an adiction and along with it you start collecting more tool to play with.

        short anser is the 8.5 will be fine for home use, and might last a wile in dayly shop use but most of the working welders realy use them hard so prefer a bigger amp to be able to realy bear down on it.
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          which grinder

          Like these other guys I've got two Dewalts, both of them are quite a few years old and have never had a problem with them. That is until the other day, I can hear the gear in one of the heads is on it's way out, already called and ordered the parts, 23.00 for the new gears and should get another couple of few years out of them. Dave

          fun4now, is that a dewalt saws-all I see in the background, The one that looks like it is fitted with a 45 degree miter blade in it.LOL...
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            I also have the Dwalt and love it.....I'll have to disagree with James about the B&D's @ walmart......if you look at the older dewalt and the walmart B&D they are the same.....I'm sure there are some differences ,but I have had mine for 6 plus yrs and have had zero problems from it. I tried to stall it when I got my Dewalt just to see what it would just laughed at me.


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              84ZMike, I also have two cheap-o grinders, that I use with wire wheels and such. I bought one b&d at wally world, burnt it up with in twenty minutes and had to replace it. The replacement one has lasted about six months and the gears in the head are already starting to strip out. I bought them mainly for extras in the shop and when I've got helpers doing stuff for me, don't want them using my good stuff. Dave


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                Sounds like they are hit or miss.........I think I may just pick up another one and see how it does.....if it doesn't perform I'll take it back to walmart.


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                  i'm glad to here you are getting good use out of your B&D's. i supose mialage may verry but i have been using them for about 5 years now and none have made it more than about 6 months wit anything other than light use with a flap wheel. the only reason i still have them is wally world cept exchanging them for me when they quit at no charge, been threw about 8 or 9 of them. all with simmiler results. just because dewalt makes them it dose not make them a dewalt (wish it did) but the lil 4.5amp B&D's just dont hold up. look at the metabows & riged brand. the rigid is made by metabow but with lower quality bearings and such. B&D has changed its look so soon i will be without B&D grinders and i'm ok with that i'll work in new ones of higher quality as they go this time. with a lil luck my new craftsmen will pass the test of time. the B&D profesional series is likely more along the lines of a true dewalt if any are. the pro series are getting good reviews and are 6 amps i think, they look similer to the craftsmen i got so perhaps they are the same in a diferent collor plastic??? like i said i'm glad they work for you but i personaly would not recomend them, we are all intiteled to our opinion as MMV from user to user.
                  yes thats my dewalt corner cutting sawsall. dont you have one for corners?? i am verry hapy with all my dewalts and would recomend them to any one. i have 2 cordless drills, one corder drill, a jig saw, a bench grinder, a swasall, a bisquet joiner,a 7" circular saw, and a sliding compound miter saw, they are all running great and well werth the $$ i spent on them. if we had had a lil more $$ on the sear's card i would have gotten a dewalt insted of the craftsmen but the $ just wasent there. i have never had a problem with any of my dewalts, millwaukie's, or portacables. all three of those brands have held up great for me and i would happily replace any of them with the same should they die tomarow. i have more than gotten my $$ werth out of them all even the $600 sliding compound miter saw, i love that babby.
                  its always best o buy a quality tool once insted of a low quality tool several times. even though all my B&D's were replaced every time they broke if you add up the gas to return them all those times pluse the time out of myday to do so, they have caust me much more than the 2 portacables i got several years ago that have never given me any truble.


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                    quick update

                    update or corection, the porta cables are 7.6amps not 6.5 amps as earlyer noted. eather way they are excelent grinders that have served me well. after the 4 years of use with no maitenence i think its time i open it up and maybee add some grese to the gears in the head. this should probly have been done earlyer but i just never think of it when i have the time to do so. we tend to never think about tools that are working well, so it seems the beter tools tend to get the least amount of service.

                    also the dewalt sawsall blade is actualy strait, i used it tonight as a matter of fact. it just looks like its bent because of the white paint at the end and the rest being without it from use. thats not to say i dont have a few bent ones around.


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                      Don't overthink this OK? It's just a grinder. Sears has some good ones for about 25 to 50 bucks and you'll get your money's worth. If you're a tool junkie like me get 2! One for your wire wheel and one for your grinding disc. Get a cheap one and an expensive one. I suggest the paddle trigger since if you drop it then it will automatically shut off. By-the-way good luck in your class.


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                        I agree 100% with not over-thinking this. It is just a grinder. I have never really been happy with the paddle trigger, I found that to shut it off I had two fingers on the trigger and was trying to hold a spinning grinder with my last two fingers. I just found this incomfortable, so I use the gun trigger styles. Makita 9005 5" for lighter work. Makita 9015DBZ or 9016DBZ for heavier work. The 9015 & 9016 are the exact same model, just one is sold as a 5" (cheaper) and one is sold as a 6".
                        Whatever you decide, if you're new to angle grinders, always use the aux. handle, the guard (cut down to 120 degree sweep if you like) safety glasses and a faceshield. Hearing protection is a good idea too. We only have one set of eyes and ears. Protect them. They have to last you a lifetime.



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                          Spend a little money on a better grinder. 13 amps ( for a 5")seems to last the longest when you're using it all the time. And pack the grease into the gear head once in a while, it helps in keeping the tool ready for use no matter what type of disk you use...


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                            verry true guys.
                            wile we would all love to have a garage or back yard shop full of 5 or 6 metabo's its just not real practical for a home shop. unless you got lots of extra $ them by all means go fo it. hence my sugjestion for the green B&D at wally world for $49. its 6 or 7 amps probly 7 like the craftsmen i just got. easy to use triger and should last a wile for home use. if he is just starting out he is going to find a huge list of stuff he will want/need to get. but i still think you should get some quality out of your tools when ever possible even if its not the top of the line stuff. i realy dont think a home shop needs a 12amp 4.5" grinder, if ya have the extra $$ and want to go for it any way thats cool go for it. but if he thinks its heavy, just wait till he turns it on. some thing in the 7-9 amp is more to suit i think. and still plenty of power for a 4.5" grinder.


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                              Metabo all the way! I wont buy anything else. There the best grinder I've ever used. I burned up the dewalt they gave me at work after a month and switched to using my Metabo. I'm going to get a couple more soon. Flap wheel, grinding wheel, and wire wheel. Mine should have deid a year ago the way I treat it but it works just as good as the day I got it.




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