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LOL!!!! What a HORRIBLE first impression 180a mig!! How bout some QT?!?!

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    Sorry to hear about your problems - stuff like that sucks. I know it doesnt help when you have a bunch of buddies standing around running their mouths I don't think a guy can buy anything anymore that you wont find problems with (big or small, functional or cosmetic etc...) Glad to hear you got it going. I remember about 6 or so years ago when I got my MM251, unloaded it, cruised through the manual, started hooking everything up - and was pi$$ed when I loaded the tank on the cart and saw the dog chain (very small dog chain, mind you) that holds the tank on. 6 yrs later and that is the only complaint I have with the machine and/or the company I figured once I get good at welding I'll make a new strap to hold the tank on....


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      Originally posted by Grumpy View Post
      Schony, so sorry your feathers were ruffled. But . . . an ASE certified mechanic huh. Snap on tools, huh. Good you know how to use hand tools but it seems to me that your attitude and 'tempter control' seem to be lacking.

      If a snap-on ratchet came to you broke would you take it out on the company/company rep or should you be mad at the out-sourced materials that snap-on uses?

      I'm just glad your not working on my vehicle. If something broke as you were taking it off I'm afraid you'd blame me for the problem.

      You might be a great mechanic but your tolerance for errors, well . . . leave a lot to be desired. Even if your co-workers would be upset that's no reason(s) to have it against Miller. If everything was supposed to be perfect the first time around why, pray tell, are you an ASE certified mechanic? Is it that you know that car manufacturer employees make errors and that parts are not perfect? If you were perfect you'd probably be flippin' burgers!

      Your right we would most likely, be upset but not to the extent you are. Look Miller made it good and probably didn't even ask you to take it to a warranty station now did they?

      This is the last you'll hear from me on this thread. And I'm glad that you got things worked out. See how much aggravation could have been avoided? Calm down, take a deep breath, step back and start over.
      If i bought a snap on ratchet that was broken when I received it I would be upset with the Company for being cheap and having ****ty quality control, as I am with Miller... "Professional Quality" should mean just that.

      Well I think you would want me to work on your vehicle as I am somewhat a perfectionist and not a hack job like many people are, I take pride in my work and have seen many whom do not. Well if you broke it than I would blame you, wouldn't be the first time it's happened and it won't be the last time I've seen customers break things and blame it on the product.

      Ya, I do not have a lot of torrance for errors, maybe you should get your next break job done at Sears and if they have a mistake than you won't be so upset when you rear end the vehicle in front of you?!

      Just so you know when we sell a new car we get paid 1.3 hours to go over all the basic features of the vehicle doors, latches, wipers, radio, tire pressures, fluid levels, check DTC memory for faults, and test drive... That is quality control, and you can BET that I get brand new cars coming back that have silly problems, and I KNOW that people hate that sort of thing. Yes things break did you read the topic I say "How about some QT?" QT is Quality Control should work when I get it? Right?


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          The spool gun is sweet. You will fall in love with it. You might just do all your welding with it. Do small tack welds and run one bead on one side the next on the far end of the material. Go buy a welding DVD from HTP or one of miller's site. They will help you a lot if you don't have anyone near you to teach you. Or go to classes at night after you get of work. It will be well worth it to get trained and certified in the field of welding. BTW many of use are ASE master tech on here. You must work at cut-throat dealership, I feel sorry for you. Like other said calm down this is a layed back forum.



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            Hey Willy, don't feel bad, my machine has the same cheap dog chain.


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              Originally posted by Brianstick View Post
              Hey Willy, don't feel bad, my machine has the same cheap dog chain.
              Mine too.


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                there's a few reading minutes of my life I'll never get back...


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                  Didn't they teach your any professionalism at that ASE school you went to.
                  An I wouldn't brag too much about being ASE master certified. I've seen so called master mechanics that couldn't pour water out of a boot with instruction on the heel.
                  Last edited by kcstott; 07-02-2008, 03:28 PM. Reason: cause I can't spell worth a ****


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