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todays trash to tresher job.

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  • todays trash to tresher job.

    one hunny doo almost done.
    the wife wants gate between the back yard and the side yard so she can put both the dogs over on the side yard and let the kids go nuts in the back. well not haveing a gat i grabed up some scrap steel and one fence post. drove the fence post, moved the strecher and cut out the fencing.
    welded several pices of scrap 1/2"X2" and some 1/2" X 1 1/2" that i had picked up a wile back not knowing what to do with them but hey free steel is free steel. and if its cromed it can sit out side till you figure out what to use it on right. so any way i welded a bunch of thet togather then welded the pice of fence i cut out to the back and i now have a gate ready to install in the AM.
    for me thats realy good progress to get it almost compleat in one day. several work then lay down then works later and all i need now is a fresh coat of paint and to install it. this should leave most of my fathers day to spend cleaning the shop, its a disaster. and then some. i dont think its ever been this bad befor. i just been trying to do too much at one time with sumer starting and mom starting anew job. im just lost.
    any how i thought i would share my gate with yall.

    almost forgot it also needs a latch of some kind but i'll work that out tomarow also.
    right now its just got a magnet tryangle holding it in place.
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    well here it is finished and mounted up , compleat with a home made latch.
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      something from nothing

      I love it when people can take a big pile of nothing and make into something, fine job on your gate. Dave


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        Nice job on the gate. I'll bet the dogs would rather be with the kids, but, hey, they're dogs!

        I was in Rochester, just last weekend. My wife's from that area, and we attended an annual family picnic, out by the lake. I really like that area, in the summer. Can't bear the winters, though.

        Keep up the good work!


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          thanks, unforchenetly almost every thing i make starts out as scrap. not shore if thats a good thing or bad??
          welcome to the site.
          the dog's are verry good with the kids in the house but outside with all the running they tend to think the kids are playing chase and join in. the dogs being 150lbs and up this dose not work so well with the lil guys. not that the dogs are trying to hurt them , they just run them over some times not realizing how big they are.
          summers are great for me but the wife has alergys realy bad and they seem to be getting worse. she can hardly go out. even with a mask on in about 20 minuits she starts to swell up around the eyes to the point she can hardly see. the dr's have been no help with there med's so we are now trying to try the shots but its been 6 weeks now scence we went to see them and the shots are still not here for her to teke. the season will be over by the time they get year may well see us trying to move.


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            just started this year using the eye allergy drops, visine-A . It sure helps.

            Has been a bad year for allergies.

            The docs couldn't do anything for me...


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