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MIG cart

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  • MIG cart

    I know this is the miller welder website and I have a Lincoln MIG but like the guy at Arcet said you have to crawl before you can walk when I bought this machine but what I would like I would like to have a big 220V miller-matic MIG like they had at my old High school but something burned up in it and quit working but anyway. Also I have read where people should not use tools unless trained, my dad would not even let me pick up the welding leads MIG or Stick (which I am decent at) before I took at least one year of basic welding and O/A useage (I had a good teacher he was a retired ship yard worker of 26 years at Northrop Grummen in Hampton Virgina.) and on top of all that two years of Carpentry and in those three years I learned alot about tools the the "proper way" to use them. Anyways the pictures I put up here is just a little MIG cart I made in my spare time when I am not holding down the wack-o house aka federal prison
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    Cool to bad it's red though. Got any other projects?



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      It aint blue but it'll do! i was thinking about picking up a lincoln for myself but haven't talked my dad into it. He'll come around, hopefuly. What kinda lincoln is that? Do you like it? What is the thickest metal you've welded with it?


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        it is a little cheap one i got it to start with it is a lincoln weld pac 100 i think the thickest SO far is i beleive 1/8 and the thinest is like 16 gauge actully that welder is the one that made the welds on the cart it is on the square tubing is the thinest and i had to set it on the lowest setting it had so it wouldn't burn thru it is stiff enough for this little cart i like it alot i just want a bigger one like 400 amp or something one where i don't have to worry "did i get enought penatration" or something on those lines. I am trying to make me a welding table for the outside to use because my little barn gets so hot i would rather set my old furnace fan blowing (a good distaince away so it won't blow the sheilding gas away) but enough to have a breeze other than that i think thats it for right now. Also if i had a arc welder i WOULD be doing alot more things but as of now my wallet can't carry an arc welder i want to move up to blue hehehehe also but same as the arc welder i can't spell able right now any later


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          Also you asked about how i liked it it is ok for a begining welding machine. It is about like starting out driving you buy a 500.00 out of someones back yard to learn with and try things on then later once you got the knowlage of what your doing you move up to bigger and better (which is what i hope to do someday) but all in all it is a good little machine to do light work around my house with for right now


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            Thats probably what I'll be doing. I was thinking about going for the lincoln welpack 3200hd.


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              Nice Mig Cart

              Nice job, your's looks a little more heavy duty than the one I built. I used 1 1/2" angle and T Bar and some 1/2" square tubing to keep the machine on the shelf and still open the door. I'm new to welding, been having a great time with it. I've not run out of things to build.
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                Yeah I take my welder outside of the building and weld alot it gets so hot in there as I have no A/C yet. So I made the cart to be able to be taken out and go over the sand in our yard and any rocks, limb's, ect. but other wise it is a tough little work of art took me a week to build working third shift at the prison


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                  welding cart

                  I think that a welding cart is everyone's first project. You've got co2 and what else? They are pretty small. The gas isn't expensive, it's the labor to fill them. The bigger tanks are the way to go.


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                    I have a co2 and a argo/co2 mixed tank the last one came with the welder the co2 my dad gave me so i got off cheap there


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                      if you have to take it outside, you might think about picking up a set of 8 or 10 inch tube tires from HF. at about $5 each they will make outside travel much easier.
                      i have to take mine outside a lot and it travels well on all surfaces.
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                        Also to add to eas of portability you could put sum casters under the front edge so you dont have to pick it up to move it. just my .02!



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