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Zinc die castings.

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  • Zinc die castings.

    Just thought you might like to know.

    This alloy used commonly contains about 4% aluminum.Zinc alloy is low in cost and high in strengh and machineability is good. good corrosion resistance but limited to service temps of 200F these casting are heavy compared to the others.The grain structure is a CPH and will never get coarse.
    the composition for the two zinc alloys are zamak-3 with the addition of manganese this has good ductility and strengh at higher temps.
    the other is zamak-5with copper this is stronger and harder and has better castability
    Welding this is a little more difficult because of the low melting tempand boiling point.which means that this metal will evaporate before your eyes if heat in put is to high.

    the second facter is the oxide film that forms while heating.heavy fluxing and careful manipulation of the torch and the weld puddle are the only means of over comming this problem. With oxy-fuel welding the flame should be neutral or slightly carburizing.The filler metal should be under the name white metal but there are various trade names.

    safety Zinc fumes are very toxic so good ventilation is important during the welding process.

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    are you practising to give a report for your home work in welding class or what ?? whats with the welding 101 post's lately ??


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      I dont know

      It's just one of those things where I have seen enough people on here ask about this kind of stuff and well I think somebody might like to know.and your right I sub at a school so with the new step block system I have to do metalallurgy level 1 and 2.
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        cool info i was just wondering what was prompting it, thought maybee you were getting us to help ya with your home work, or test gradeing it.
        i never tryed to weld a zink die cast, so i'll have to take your word for it. i'll give ya a C+ you didnt tell us the best process for welding or the melting temp.


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          Have you followed up on the the Gooderham / degree courses? Let me know if Kwantlen has the degree in welding tech open yet.

          Where are you subbing? Kwantlen? How's Bob, Ron, and Rob doing?

          I've welded a few zinc alloy parts in the past, they do tend to burn up pretty quick if conditions aren't just right.


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            Zinc alloys

            There melting temp is 200F stay away from this what to be around the 60F to 125F do not Quench these they will fall apart on ya.slow cooling I think is the key to a good fix.welding cast Iron like zinc you should warm up the or try to the whole piece before welding.This will fall apart right in front of your eyes durning cooling becareful with this one.The first pass will produce a fine grain structure followed by the second pass which will produce a coarse to fine grain structure you want everybody to be at a happy medium.your second pass will afect the first pass big time.welds take about 24 hrs to actually cure.Do not restrain the piece that you are trying to weld you will end up with a problem call hot cracking and hot shortness.

            Brasing works okay for this the HAZ is not much of a problem but when you use tig or stick this is the better way and where it gets interisting it will play with your skill.for your tig or stick rod stay with the 7xxx series filler metal.
            every welding supplier has a different name or code or something for there stuff.just stay with the 7xxx series and you should be fine.

            Hey john kawntlen does sell the books but the course ?
            I have to take an instructors course before anything and I'm working on my
            class 3 licence.I want to be ready for the new pipeline thats going in up north so my brother and I are buying a truck at the end of the month to handle the terrian and all of his stuff and mine will be installed I bougt a body from work so I have some time to put it together.Bob ,Rob and Ron well I think Bob and Ron are retiring in 2 more years they've put in there time.


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              If you find yourself up north near here, feel free to drop in for a coffee.

              I'd like to know more about the instructors course. Sounds like times will be changing around Kwantlen shorty, with the new facillity now open and those boys retiring.


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                "Over the mountains"

                Hey John that sounds good. I think its only $125.round trip I'm not sure though but I could check it out not to hard.Business expence.ha ha ha
                Kwantlen doent offer the instructors course some private company does it not sure who yet.I have to go to an information session first to qualify.I went down to the union hall and renewed pressure tks stick and tig I was there all day some of the people there man are they talented at school.1 young guy about 25 was doing his 6 G ticket he passed but I dont think schools teach real world like do a pressue test when your half in a trench there is about 2 feet between you and the pipe that you will be welding on and it's raining out the temp is 0.try that on for size.then do your test.well maybe this is a little to harsh but I mean come on I went to school for my training and ya everybody is babied there I guess I would just like to see a little more real world but I guess how would you set that up eh.


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                  but I guess how would you set that up eh
                  dig a big hole out behind the class, and weld in it no matter what the conditions are out there. get a water hose ready if its a nice day.


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                    Hey fun4now just what do you charge for parties your funny


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                      large quantitys of jack D. and coke.


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