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Hobart handler 210

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  • Hobart handler 210

    Well there's no way to get the cat back into the bag now I guess. Yes, there is a Handler 210, it's in the same case as the HH140 & HH187, weight is a bit more of course at near 80 lbs. It has the same tap setup as the HH187, in addition on the front there is a quick disconnect for the trigger ala Millermatic and a overheat light. Inside the wire compartment there is a switch to go from spoolgun to mig, all that is necessary to mount the spoolgun is to remove the H-14 mig gun and replace it with the DP-3035 spoolgun and set the switch to spoolgun, voltage and wirespeed are controlled normally using the dials on the front.

    From what Dan and others have said about the arc quality of the Handler 187 I would think you could consider this new machine a Handler 187 on steriods, I havn't seen a Handler 187 yet but I can tell you that the Handler 210 is a very nice machine. With the Northern price being at $900 I would think it could be bought with the DP-3035 spooolgun (same gun as the Hobart/Miller 3035 with a different backend of course) for the same or cheaper as the MM210 or MM212 without a spoolgun. General performance is very close to what it was with the MM210 I used to have, and spoolgun performance with either 4043 or 5356 is excellant. I have run 6 different manfacturers wire and they all performed at acceptable levels with Hobart HB-28 & Pinnacle being the best in my opinion.

    This machine could easily be your only mig and it will do everything most people would need without spending lots of money. I might also mention that performance on 24ga is very good even using .030 wire for those who are too lazy to change to .023-.025 wire like I sometimes am. I was a little suprised at the same work clamp as the 140/187 being used but in 4-5 months of testing I never experienced any problems relating to weak grounding, I guess if someone wanted to change it out to a bigger one they could with little expense.

    I would bet these will be in short supply for some time and it would suprise me if the Northern price holds up, for those of you saving for a Handler 187 you might think about saving a few bucks more and take a hard look at this new Hobart Handler, esp if you were planning to adding a spoolgun and adapter to the Handler 187.

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    is it in a handler box ,like the 187&140 ? same size or is it closer to the irnman 210 ?? are they planing on discontinuing the IR210 ?? any infor on those ?'s
    how do you keep getting to test all the new toys, i gotta get on that list.


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      Originally posted by fun4now View Post
      is it in a handler box ,like the 187&140 ? same size or is it closer to the irnman 210 ?? are they planing on discontinuing the IR210 ?? any infor on those ?'s
      how do you keep getting to test all the new toys, i gotta get on that list.
      It is in the same box as the Handler 140 and the Handler 187, just a bit heavier is all. As far as the IM210 goes, that will be for Hobart to deside I guess. I can't help with the List either, I don't know how they deside who gets on it, or who gets to test what.


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        cool, a minie-mite.
        how long do you get to play with it befor they take it back, or do you get to keep it ??


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          Great little unit. I never liked the IM210. It wasn't worth the money/size when the MM210 was so close. But this guy is perfect for a lot of people. It'll do everything the HH187 can do, and then some, especially handy for the power needed for doing aluminum with its easily added spoolgun (no controller required).

          And I managed to never break the H10 gun, too, amazingly enough.


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            Yeah, the gun surprised me. I figured I'd cook it in no time. I did get it pretty hot, but never melted or cooked anything. It got a little hotter than a Tweco #2 when running .045 flux core, but not so hot you couldn't get anything done. I ended up liking it.


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              sounds like an excelent welder. cool idea to keep it in the 140 box to keep size down. thats going to make it a portable 210 with spool gun it should do well with the moble guys, even if they do change the gun.
              should fit well in the home shop also.i always thought the added controle box for the spool gun was just too much. looks like they are working on gtting rid of it.if the price holds they could have a big time winer there. almost makes me rethink my MM210 needs......did i type that, you guys didnt see it right..


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