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Tig welds with my new ghetto back purge assembly!

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    i plan on using some of the fruits from around the yard. store bought fruit is just so bland and flavor less. for any one thats had nothing but store bought fruit its probably best you don't find out, but you could look for a farmers market to try real fruit. just remember you only get the farmers market for a few weeks and the rest of the time you will have to settle for store brand, which will then taste like soggy card board. we got a small bag od cherries last night at TOP's, almost $8 for a small bag about 1 out of 10 had a little flavor. the rest were so bland you would not know what you were eating if you didn't see it.

    this year we will have red & black raspberries, strawberry's, peaches, pears, and maybe a few grapes. the grape vine is still young.
    on the way we have planted 2 black , 2 red, and 2 yellow cherry trees. we also planted 2 more peach and 1 yellow apple trees. all of these will need a few years to really produce any fruit but we have one peach tree thats been a good producer.
    i think it will be fun to turn some of the stuff we grow into wine. maybe start out with the raspberries and work up more as the yard starts to produce more edible options.

    thanks for all the help.

    glad the Y worked out for ya. its not the best option, but if its what ya got ya have to make do.( trust me i can relate) i already have an extra gage so i just need to get the T to mount the 2 gages.
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      Its funny becaused everything you need for winemaking nature provides for example.

      Acid blend=juice of 2 orange's per 5 gallon batch
      Tannin= Grape stems
      fruit=always available
      Yeast= Natural wild yeast is already on the grape or fruit skins and if you crush the grapes or fruit and let it sit around the natural wild yeast will ferment out the juice.

      But you have quality ingredients at your disposal from homebrewing stores so use them, and if you need any help during any part of the process or need help in regards to what to buy as far as equipment goes just ask.


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        thanks, i'll let ya kno as i get a little closer to it. i got too many projects on the board at the second. gotta get my trailor finished and back on its wheels. right now its hanging from the rafters by straps for cleaning and painting. its been de-rusted and primed, now i'm going to use ruberised under coat on it then paint it. oh ya nad get an axel and wheels back on it.


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          I seem to have a growing collection of stainless steel at my house.
          One of the reasons I joined this forum.
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            cool colection


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