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College Here I come

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  • College Here I come

    I am done of high school in the matter of days! I cant believe it I only have exams and I'm off to welding school. I still cant believe how fast high school went by. I'm done of my coop placement today and I have to purge my boss's gas tank I fabricated. I wish I could of grabbed some pictures. I cant seem to find my camera anywhere. But besides the point I feel very pleased to say I can actually understand how things work and how to actually build something without countless mistakes. Wish my luck as I begin my exam studying Then I'm out in the real world

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    lots of luck to ya, and glad to here you are digging the welding and still concerned about school.


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      Just remember the ones that helped you get this far and put up with you.
      You are not unique.....we were all jerks at one time......all the best to you!!


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        The other night my girlfriend went and got a tattoo done and I also got one (with her money) I got the miller logo on my spine The girlfriend has a camera that works so Ill be taking pictures of that and I think I'm going to take the tool box over and take a few of them as well I was really happy to get that miller logo on my back. But before you say I will regret it heres my reason, It has a lot of back ground for me in welding it was the first type of welder I ever used and I still remember that in grade 7 and I'm still proud to use it today! I went to the miller shop yesterday and I think if the money is there this summer I might be looking into a miller auto set I don't have any big connections so thats my only choice and I may have to go with gas less wire. I was hoping to get a stick welder but I only have a regular plug at the house they told me my next option is going to Canadian tire and picking up a cheapy which I'm really thinking about because I need to save for college any advice guys?


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          cool TAT due. if its some thing important to you then thats cool. its your bod i just hope its not out on your neck. but some where it can be hidden for job interviews, and showed off with frends during social times. be shore to show us some pic's. you only have to justify the tat to your self. you are the one that will be liveing with it.
          wile i am all for Miller welders and buying a good tool once, in this case a cheaper MIG might be the best choice for you. true it may not weld as sweet or last as long or may have some feed isues. any of these can be lived with wile doing small projects for fun and with a lil help or work atit maybee make a lil side $$ from frends so you can aford a better welder.
          dont break the bank going for the new MM140. its agreat welder i'm shore as i love my MM135 big time. but you are yung and will have plenty of time to get a better welder, dont break the bank on it now. like i said if you find a way to make some $$ with it you can always work up toa nicer one later, maybe even the passport.


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            Now that your done high school Are you going to take a year off and screw around (do what you want to do) before starting trade school?


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              Im going to college this year I dont see a point in taking a year off


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                Im going to college this year I dont see a point in taking a year off.

                well then Good luck and it is worth it but after you finish the welding thing do try and get a second trade under ya it will help.Don't be just a welder there are hundreds of thousands of those.I hope you have a plan.


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                  Right now I'm going on just to get my welding and fabrication seal there two different ones and I'm kind of interested in machinist work as well. As for now I haven't really figured out what I want to do but I was thinking going into pipe line welding and I am still interested in building and fabricating choppers I want to go down to California for that though.


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                    Hey ya I think califorina is the best place for the schooling the cost is a little high now I'm not sure but I think it's $25,000,00 weather it's more or less it's worth it there are other schools I'm not to sure about BC , Alberta or toronto.
                    Good choice though considering gas prices and the way they are going.
                    O ya there is a guy on here that deals in choppers I dont remember his name but he is a guy I know that for sure.
                    Are you going to get a bike down the road?


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                      I am planing on getting a bike I do want one I'm more into getting a chopper. If I do get into chopper building I want to get more into the fab side of it. I wont be going down to California until I'm a bit older and have gained a lot of experience. My welding fab course is going to be 15,000 for the 3 years 8 months for the fab and 2 years 7 months

                      heres the college's web site


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                        Welder/Fitter program

                        I dont think we have anything like that in BC I did it the hard way I guess One at a time if you can get throuhg this in one shot go for it.

                        Students will also be trained in the use of stationary power equipment such as press break, shear and rolls. Students in this area of study will train to the Red Seal standard for the designated trade of Welder and, if they choose, can obtain a second Red Seal in the trade of Metal Fabricator after a fourth year of study/training.

                        Trades Awareness and Safety Orientation
                        Hand and Power Tools
                        Oxy-Fuel Welding
                        Cutting Procedures
                        Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
                        Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
                        Blueprint Reading
                        Essential Employability Skills
                        Computer Literacy
                        Gas Metal Arc Welding
                        Flux Cored Arc Welding
                        Project Management
                        Inspection Material Specification
                        Quality Control and Materials Identification
                        Specialty Welding
                        Finishing and Installing
                        CNC Plasma Cutting Table
                        Computer Aided Design Software

                        I hope you do well there's stuff on here that I never got to take

                        just remember one thing this is school when you leave school it will be a bit different but you will have a better understanding of what's going on. O ya most journeymen that you will run into they will think that there king sh!t.And wont listen to reason because your younger.just thought you should know although you probably already know since you have worked at this already through school.well anyway keep us up dated.


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                          1 exam down 2 more to go I know I passed the class I needed to graduate. I am looking for a welding job now I decided if I get one Im going to remove all my piercings. I guess Im finally ready to do whats right


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                            you might have better luck finding the job if you take out the pircings befor you start looking insted of after if you get the job.


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                              Thanks for that bit of info When I go to a shop the first thing I say is these piercings can be removed if need be


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