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I think I may have saved a few lives today

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  • I think I may have saved a few lives today

    I had a guy call and talk to me about building him a new trailer, we go over the details and formalities, settle on the price and delivery date, every things going good at this point. He then asks the one question I try to avoid, "will you take my old trailer as a trade in?". I tell him that I try not to deal in used items if I can help it, but instead of holding my ground I cave and tell him to bring it by so I can look at it. After seeing this "trailer", I had no choice but to take it off the guy's hands. I think I may have saved a few lives by getting this thing off the road and sent to the grave it sorely needs. I am totally amazed at what people will drag down the road without realizing how much danger they are creating for the rest of us driving down the road, and even more amazed the police haven't stopped him before. Dave
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    I swear you end up with some of the worst trailers I've seen. Glad your going to build him a new one


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      Why would he put drag slicks on a trailer?

      So are you going to set this thing on fire to burn the wood off and then drag it to the scrapyard?
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        GLAD you got it and will finally putt in the graveyard LOL, if I was you I would the good metal off and what couldn`t be used I would take the scarpyard


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          I have a hole in my field just about that size that needs to be filled........but that is not good enough


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            good god that thing is junk. you are a hero for getting that off the road.


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              well we all thank you for getting that off the road but have to wonder how he could expect you to give him $$ credit tword a new one for that POS.


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                Well I suppose it could be viewed as a monitary donation to the charity toward saving peoples lives...

                One less road hazard causing grief and tax payers dollars


                • #9
                  That's just too much.

                  I wonder how many tons of sand or rocks he normally carried in it.



                  • #10
                    Hmm, there's a saying along the lines of you will always do well by doing good.

                    You have done good. I'm sure you will do well.


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                      My question would have to be

                      do you guys not have some form of vehicle inspections you have to pass before something like that is allowed on to public roads. We have vehicle warrent of fitness tests every 6 months on all vehicles.


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                        People like him, make people like US pay way too much for insurance. That trailer was an acccident just waiting to happen.



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                          its different from state to state, some are harder than others.unforchenetly this thing is all too commen.


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                            Originally posted by grahambr View Post
                            do you guys not have some form of vehicle inspections you have to pass before something like that is allowed on to public roads. We have vehicle warrent of fitness tests every 6 months on all vehicles.
                            every 6 months, that seems a bit excessive? we are not that formal here, but if you are pulling something like that down an old country road, might get away with it. Pull something like that down the interstate or major roads, the law would be all over it like flies on xxit.

                            The ones that make me nervous are the big boats behind a mini van.

                            Good job on removing that trailer from the traffic pool.

                            What vintage do you think the axle is?


                            • #15
                              It is in it's grave!!!

                              The "trailer" is gone, cut up into little itty bitty pieces. We can all sleep a little better knowing this thing will never see the road again. The bad news is that there is more of them out there on the road. Now as to some of the comments, Yes, I do seem to get my share of crap to repair, no we didn't save the good metal (there wasn't any), no, we couldn't have a bon fire as we are under a burn ban, yes, I did give him a 50 dollar credit towards the new trailer, and, yes I would have loved to bury that thing in your field. And for the last question about the inspection process , in Florida the D.M.V. does not have any type of inspection system in place. When I build a new trailer, all I have to supply is a certificate of origin and the owner gets it registered, it's that simple. The D.M.V. never sees the vehicle just the paper work. I do believe that we need a vehicle inspection put back into place as it was done away with back in the 80's. Dave


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