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scrap grapple

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  • scrap grapple

    hey y'all! thought i'd post some pics of the side job i did saturday morning. i went to this scrap yard looking for some i-beam pieces, handed him a card and asked if he would call me if he got any. he looked at my card and asked for a quote on putting teeth on his grapple.

    the only thing that scared me was the pins that were rusted in place still in the old adaptors, and how long it would take to get them out--i guess that's what you call the unkown factor in bidding a job. anyway, i gave him a price and he said to go ahead. five of the seven retainer pins eventually banged out with a big punch and a 2 lb hammer. the other two i had to cut out with a torch--lots of spatter! they were roll pins, spring steel, so they wouldn't drill. i even tried heating the adaptor to try to expand it a little, to no avail. any suggestions for the future would be appreciated.

    enough blabber-jabbin, let's get to the pictures!
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    more pics

    of course, as soon as he drove the boom up into the bay, the bottom fell out. rain water ran down the boom and i had to do the whole job standing in water. as soon as the rain quit, i bummed a push broom and swept out most fo the water. blah, blah, blah!!!! i still had fun and finished the job under my estimated time frame.

    p.s. my welder is not strapped to the trailer, it's bolted down.
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      Nice job, as far as driving out the drift pins next time, get a good penetrating oil or silicone and spray them up really good. Next find a rod the same diameter as the drift pin so it cant slip down inside the pin as your beating on it, a few good whacks, it should pop out. I did numerous pins like this on a backhoe and they always came out without using a torch.


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        If the roll pins are hollow tubes, clean the packed dirt and crud out of the center of the pin first.
        This seems to allow the pin to collapse a little.
        It makes removal easier.



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          roll pins

          these pins were coiled all the way to the center. i did try to drill one but being spring steel(?) the new drill bit just squeeled and died. next time i'll surely try the penetrant spry and i'll try using a small (1/16") bit to drill the dirt or corrosion from the center. they both sound like good suggestions--thanks!

          i once heard of some rods that once they are lit they burn right through just about anything. if the guy wasn't pulling my leg they might be worth checking in to. does anyone out there know anything about them?


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            lancing rods are nice. and they do exist.

            coiled pins stink

            the best I ever saw was a chunk of round stock that had a hole sized for the punch. a real close fit . it got welded on over the pin and then you drove the pin out. worked really well by keeping the punch and the pin aligned really well.

            you can also dead short thru the pin heating it cherry red then quench and drive.


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              try soaking with Kroil.


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                We use a Broco torch for underwater cutting. The rods will burn thru anything, steel, brass, concrete, wood. They are not cheap and use a special holder that also supplies O2 thru the rod. I doubt these would work well for this application though.


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                  I agree the Kroil oil And maybe a 4 lb beater and punch,The Lance rod would be no good unless you wanted to cut the grapple into pieces.....


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                    I got to use a thermal lance on a high security safe. the wall of the safe was 5" total thickness consisting of 3/16"inner and outer steel, 1/4" of manganese steel, high density concrete reinforced with stainless steel fibers and some other steel thrown in for good measure. I was able to burn a hole through all that in about 40 seconds, which was about the same time the rod lasted. It was a mess, vaporized concrete and spatter all over the place. lof of fun though, I'll see if I can find pics of it


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                      I had the opportunity to watch some guys in AZ using a lance to cut a dragline bucket in half. It was really impressive, filled the valley with red smoke.


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                        on the payloader bucket they use them roll pins to hold on the quick change replaceable teeth. you need a good sized punch with some meat to it and a 4lb hammer. it takes some time and your forearm burns from swinging the hammer but they come out.


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                          i ran a service truck for a dealership for a few years on heavy equipment.... i have beat and beat and beat on those stupid roll pins...... i HATE them!!! but, yeah, i have figured out a secret...... i took a tapered punch for an air hammer, clipped the point off, then turned it down on the lathe until it was the exact dimensions of the pin (not the hole) and chuck it into a good air hammer and pull the trigger, watch the sparks fly...... and the pins too


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                            Looks like you did a good job on it.
                            Bummer about the water, why does that type of stuff ALWAYS seem to happen???

                            One quick suggestion, pick yourself up a small galvanized pail and throw all of your rod butts in that. Helps keep your work area cleaner, saves cleanup time once the job is done (or even when your getting setup) and you can use it to put tools in to cut down the trips too and from the truck.


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                              Originally posted by grnxrymnky View Post
                              p.s. my welder is not strapped to the trailer, it's bolted down.
                              Well then use that extra strap and attach the O/A bottles to something (PIC 4)... All it takes is just one time ... Just like whatever happened off shore on the platform before it blew!


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