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how do i fix this?:(

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  • how do i fix this?:(

    ok so ive got a 110 fwac wire feed welder and am having major feed issues. its to where u cant even weld with it. for some reason i cant enough tesion on the adjustment wheel and cant get it to feed fast enough or hard enough. ive already gone through 2 diff. tips and no results.

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    And yet you didn't tell us what you were trying to weld or with what settings it SHOULD work with for that thickness.

    When did it last work?

    How are you powering it? Dedicated circuit? Extension cord?


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      no extension cord, was trying to do practice beads on angle iron from a bed frame. it last worked about 2 days ago.


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        This should help out....

        I just covered the troubleshooting for a problem similiar to this on another thread. Pay special attention to the servicing tips near the bottom. It's all generic information good for basically all makes & models.


        On edit: before you tear everything apart, back off the brake on the wire spool. then run about 12-15 feet of wire out of the gun (without welding) Cut off wire, reset drive roll tension to spec and try again. You may have to rmove gun from wire feeder and blow out shavings. It's all covered in the link above.
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          if you over tighten the flux wire it can deform and cause it to have problems at the tip. make shore its tight but not to tight causing deformations.


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            i got it working after pulling out about 15 foot of wire. it hit me what it was right after because i had been using a new box of tips and thought it could have been it but realized i was using the cheap roll of wire that came with it because when i first bought it didnt use the role that came with it i used one i bought. i put the stock roll on the other day and it worked then but i hit a bad spot in it yesterday. at one point this morning i was thinking about having it replaced because it was on waranty. thanks a whole lot


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              I have this problem to with my Lincoln 3200Hd but I think the reason 4 this because I got a 10lb roll of wire and after you quiet pulling the trigger it rolls a little bit but it don`t do that is it ahas 2lb roll of wire on it


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                tighten up the tension nut on your roll a bit.- it should not roll at all unless the feed motor is pulling. 10lb roll will need different tension from the 2lb.


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                  Originally posted by Big_Eddy View Post
                  tighten up the tension nut on your roll a bit.- it should not roll at all unless the feed motor is pulling. 10lb roll will need different tension from the 2lb.
                  Thanks alot
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