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I found a picture of Bert online...

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  • I found a picture of Bert online...

    I did. Have a look. Aint he a handsome fellow? Hehehehehehe... I even found a picture of his ride!

    Just getting even for the xlax thought.... Hehehehehe

    Thanks again Bert, They were really good. All gone and wanting more. Ive reciprocated and you should get something cool shortly.
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  • #2
    That's wrong man WRONG


    • #3
      Nah, That ain't Bert.

      Bert's not that good looking, I've seen his picture!

      Come to think of it, he ain't as smart as the fella in the picture either


      • #4
        Oops, Wrong Bert.

        Oh guys got it all wrong. I said I found a picture of Bert. And I did. If you're thinking of Bert from the forum...Well the jokes on you!

        I guess I should have seperated my thoughts from each other... ooops My bad.. I guess I was thinkin about those tasty treats that I got and forgot what I was doin.. Happens ALL the time... Why do you think I break so much glass?!?!?! as for the exlax comment. well I cant explain that. It just sorta slipped out. "revenge is mine sayith the Lord!!" hehehehe....

        Bert from the forum is a cool and kind dude with a generous heart.
        The bert I posted here is married to Ernie and they share a bed.


        • #5

          OOooohhhhh.....YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Yeah, I sent you another box of chocolate....don't mind the "needle like" holes in them I think they come like that!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE eat at LEAST 4 of them at once!!!!
          Lucky you live so far away!!! (have to renew my passport now!!!)

          Dabar, you can't run...I'll get my revenge shortly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          kc.....I just sent you a the one I just sent signwave


          • #6
            ok, for signwave not to start rumors and think I look like Bert from Sesame street (cause he has WAY too much time on his hands), here is a pic of me when I was modeling 20 years ago
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            • #7
              Ahhh, poor models, can't even aford buttons for the shirt.


              • #8
                Wow Bert, you are one s e x y dude, y'kinda look like that famous movie star.. whutsizname...?


                • #9
                  Originally posted by tnjind View Post
                  Ahhh, poor models, can't even aford buttons for the shirt.
                  thats cuz he sold them to buy a welder


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Bert View Post
                    here is a pic of me when I was modeling 20 years ago
                    I dunno... looks a little... how shall I put it... feminine?!?!


                    • #11
                      This is Bert!

                      Sorry Bert, had to do it..

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                      • #12
                        Here's the real picture of Bert and tacmig hanging out just the other day.
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                        • #13
                          what'vIstarded.....? Oh dear....


                          • #14
                            Problem is.

                            Originally posted by dabar39 View Post
                            Here's the real picture of Bert and tacmig hanging out just the other day.
                            Bert's only good for about 100 feet then he has to lay down for Pete sakes. Had the bead on a good chunk of snow shoe hare a$$ and Bert hauls off and plops down. Son Of A......., He can scratch his own rack!



                            • #15
                              ohhhhhhhh, I can see all you guys getting ex-lax covered macadamia nuts in the mail, then sitting on the throne for hours.

                              Im glad I never picked on poor little Bert


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